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How do I mount a wood gate to brick?

Applicable Products:
Wood Fence.

Several methods will work for this job.  Read the information below to figure which procedure will work best for you.

Easiest method
Use a slide bolt and drill a hole for the bolt to slide into the brick.
Slide Bolt Latch: http://www.hooverfence.com/woodfence/slideblatch.htm
You can only open the gate from one side with this latch.

Purchase a type of latch that has a steel catch that can attach to a flush surface, sometimes called a column mount. See http://www.hooverfence.com/woodfence/thumblatch.htm
You may have to purchase some sort of masonry anchor separately. Mount your hinges on a post.

Another latching method
Attach a small block of wood with masonry anchors to the brick. Attach your latch catch here. This method would be used for "surface mount" type latches.
Surface mount required: http://www.hooverfence.com/woodfence/maxlatchset.htm

Harder method
If you must hinge off the brick, choose your hinges carefully. A strap hinge is not the best. T-hinges are better. If the gate only needs to swing one way, bend the shortest half of the T-hinge flat to the brick and secure with masonry anchors.
See T-hinge: http://www.hooverfence.com/woodfence/mthinge.htm
See strap hinge: http://www.hooverfence.com/woodfence/mstrap.htm

Another option is to bolt a 4 x 4 post to the brick and mount the hinges to the wood. Drill through the post 2 or three times and use a masonry anchor and lag bolt. If the short side of the T-hinge is under 1-1/2", you can bolt a 2 x 4 to the brick.

Use a flush-mount hinge. This allows you to mount the hinge to the flat brick surface. These hinges are hard to find. We do not carry them.

Grout a screw and eye type hinge into the brick. Since the threads are not needed on the brick side of the hinge, you can cut some of the long bolt off. Mount the bolt 3" into the brick. Quick-set, expansion cement is excellent for grout. This type of hinge will allow the gate to swing either direction but make sure you choose a latch that will also.

Updated 06/01/06