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How do I install a wood fence on an existing masonary wall? I have a concrete barrier wall surrounding my property. An old fence, probably built in 1932 with the house was imbedded in the wall. It was a simple wire fence with round posts 12 feet apart.  We need to install wood fence on this existing cement wall and will be extending it in one place where we can pour the brackets at the same time. What brackets (post anchors?) should we be looking for to use in the existing cement? We also will be needing the ones that we can pour in cement. I need to start with these parts but I don't know what to call them or where to find them. We can drill concrete no problem.

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Wood Fence.

We feature all our products online complete with current pricing, specifications, and helpful how-to information. I understand that you wish to install wood fence on an existing masonry wall. We recommend using galvanized, tubular posts (the same type as used on chain link fences) for this application. Simply core drill into the wall and set posts accordingly using a fast setting cement, brands such as Quik-Rok work well. Use the steel to wood post adapters found in our wood fence hardware catalog to attach wood rails to posts. These brackets are found here: http://www.hooverfence.com/woodfence/cwaclamp.htm . More wood hardware is found here: http://www.hooverfence.com/woodfence/hardwareindex.htm .

Updated 06/01/06