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Description - Often called 'split rail fence', Treated West Virginia Lap Split Rail is not truly split when made; it is cut at a sawmill. One side of the rail is often 'half-round' while the other side shows where the rail was put through a saw. Typically the half-round side is faced out and the cut-side in. The pine posts are also run through a sawmill; the inside and outside of the post is often cut and the sides may be cut or be a natural half-round.  Treated lap rail fence is very rustic in appearance. Each rail and post come in a slightly different size and shape. WV lap rail is available in a two rail (approx. 36" high - specs) and a three rail (approx. 48" high - specs) style. Rails are 11' long and overlap through the posts to make 10''-3" to 10'-6" post centers. We also offer non-treated standard Western Virginia Lap Rail split rail fence here which features locust fence posts. Hoover Fence prefers western red cedar split rail fences in a 2-rail and 3-rail variety.

Advantages - Split rail fence is one of the most cost effective styles for defining boundaries, decorating property, and fencing in livestock and horses. Split rail  fencing is also one of, if not the easiest style of fence to install making it an ideal project for the do-it-yourselfer. Posts are typically set directly in the ground approx. 24-30" deep without any concrete. A tamping bar is used to compact the dirt around the post while backfilling. Either chain link fence, or other type of screening can be tacked on the inside, or outside of the fence to help contain smaller animals. 3' high chain link fabric fits well on 2-rail fences; 4' high chain link fence fits well on 3-Rail fences.

Disadvantages - It is typical to have to retamp posts plumb after the ground settles around post so that the fence remains upright. This is especially true if the fence is installed in a wet area or it was wet when the fence was originally installed. Pouring gravel around the posts instead of backfilling with dirt will help prevent posts from leaning under the heavy weight of the rails. Fence requires a preservative for the longest-lasting performance, however most installations are never treated.

Five Bar Oxford Style Wood Gate Check out our Ornamental Five Bar Wood Gates also made of treated wood and available in sizes, the Cambridge and the Oxford gates (Oxford gate is shown left)! these make the perfect compliment to our treated split rail fences. Available in wood gate sizes of 4', 6', 8', 10', and 12' wide, these gates may be used as pedestrian walk gates and/ or driveway gates up to 24' wide. The strong mortise and tenon construction, robust bracing, and stainless steel fasteners make these gates suitable for gate openers too! Finding well made, durable, and matching gates for split rail fences are now a thing of the past!

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A Hoover Fence Co. truck loaded with bundles of Treated West Virginia Lap Rail A Hoover Fence Co. truck loaded with bundles of Treated West Virginia Lap Rail Treated West Virginia Lap Rail Fence - Back View Treated split rail fences blend in well to wooded and country settings
Treated split rail fence and matching gates Treated Split Rail 3-Rail Gate stands approximately 4' high Split rail gate allows pedestrian traffic to back yard Treated split rail fence is offered with matching 2-rail and 3-rail end posts, corner posts, and line posts
Treated split rail fence shown with a wire mesh on the inside. Wire mesh provided by others. Treated split rail fences do not need stained or painted Split rail fences arte the perfect choice for landscaping and beautifying a property Treated split rail with line post Treated West Virginia Lap Rail Treated split rail is inexpensive and easy to install
Split Rail Drive Gate - Click to enlarge! Split Rail Drive Gate with Steel Support - Click to enlarge! Split Rail Walk Gate - Cllck to enlarge!

From one of our satisfied customers in Westlake, Ohio:
"I have received great compliments on the fence. And we are very pleased, we really love it!
Our 4-1/2 month old puppy runs like the wind (even doing figure eights) across the yard everyday!!"

 Have a great Holiday! - Michele, Westlake, OH (July 2009)

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