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Why Choose Western Red Cedar?

Western Red Cedar Split Rail Fence - 3-Rail Style by Hoover Fence CompanyIt's Beautiful
Western red cedar is well known for its rich grain and vibrant colors. These attributes make western red cedar a preferred material for all building applications, indoor and outdoor, where beauty is important.

It's Strong
Western red cedar has excellent dimensional stability and endurance. It lays flat; stays straight; and is less likely to twist and crack than other wood products, including pressure treated lumber.

It's Long Lasting
The supremacy of western red cedar as an all-weather building material is entirely natural. Western red cedar is beautiful, stable, renewable, and enduring. It contains natural oils that act as preservatives to help the wood resist insects and decay. Properly finished and maintained, western red cedar ages gracefully and lasts for many years.

It's Nontoxic
Western red cedar in nontoxic, making it safe for all uses, indoors and outdoors. It requires no chemical treatment unless the wood is in direct contact with the ground, in which case a protective sealant will protect it against moisture.

It's Aromatic
Western red cedar is probably best know for its distinctive aroma. Over time, the wood remains subtly aromatic, and the characteristic fragrance adds another dimension to the universal appeal of western red cedar as a building product.

Uses of Western Red Cedar as a Building Product

Western Red Cedar Gazebo - Hoover Fence Company
Fence & Deck: Western red cedar as a fence building material has been preferred for decades for split rail fences, spaced picket fences, and privacy fences. Check out many of Hoover Fence Company's standard fence styles for prebuilt fence panels and gates.
Home Building & Remodeling:  Due to its excellent reputation as a building product, western red cedar lumber has also been chosen by carpenters and builders for interior and exterior trim and sunrooms. Check out our western red cedar components for standard sizes.
Backyard Projects: The beauty of western red cedar has been used to compliment an assortment of weekend projects including childrens' playhouses, birdhouses, swingsets, and garden accents.