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Gate Sets

Contemporary Walk Gate Set
Traditional Walk Gate Set
Western Walk Gate Set
Contemporary Drive Gate Kit

Traditional Drive Gate Kit
Western Drive Gate Kit
Adjust-A-Gate Kits
Ready Gate (Anti-Sag Kit)
SS Copper Finish Gate Set


Full & Half Strap Style Hinges
Contemporary Strap Hinge
Traditional Strap Hinge
Stainless Steel Strap Hinge
Double Full Strap Hinge
Ornamental Half Strap Hinge
6" Galvanized Steel Strap Hinge
Tee Style Strap Hinges
Ornamental T-Hinge

Traditional T- Hinge
Contemporary T-Hinge
Plain T-Hinge
Adjustable Strap Hinge
Blunt T-Hinge
Pintle Style Hinges
Stainless Old Fashioned Hinges
Old Fashioned Heavy Duty Hinges
Curved Old Fashioned Hinges
Cranked Bands with Pins

Stainless Cranked Bands with Pins

Adj. Cranked Bands with Pins
Curved Cranked Bands with Pins
Heavy Screw Hook and Strap Hinge
Screw Hook and Strap Hinge
Heavy Duty Double Strap Hinges
Heavy Duty Single Strap Hinges
3/4" Diameter Pins
Adjustable Gate Eyes
Adjustable Bottom Fitting
Screw Hook & Eye Hinge
Self-Closing Hinges
Tru-Close Series 3 Adj. Hinges
Tru-Close Multi-Adjust Hinges
Tru-Close Mini-Multi Adjust Hinges
Kwik-Fit Hinges
Adjustable Self Closing Strap Hinge
Adj. SC Wrap Around Strap Hinge
Ornamental Spring Loaded T-Hinge
SS Copper Finish Adjustable Hinge
Double Action Spring Hinge
Butterfly & Butt Style Hinges
Butterfly Hinge
Traditional Butterfly Hinge
Stainless Steel Butt Hinges


Ornamental Latches
Hampton Thumb Latch
Hampton Thumb Latch - Set Back
Windsor Latch
Suffolk Latch
Northam Gate Latch
Twisted Ring Gate Latch
Twisted Ring Gate Latch Set Back
Twisted Ring Latch for Sliding Doors
Warwickshire Ring Latch
Cast Iron Cabin Hooks

Heavy Duty Cabin Hooks
Heavy Duty Hasps
Key & Mechanical Code Locking Latches
Lokk-Latch Magnetic
Manta Latch
Locinox Mortise Style Gate Lock
Lockey 2835 Series Gate Latch
Combination Dead Bolt Lock
Lockey Combination Slide Bolt
Gatemate Cylinder Rim Locks
Lokk-Latch Deluxe
Lokk-Latch Pro - Self-Locking
Lokk-Latch Series 2
Keystone Advantage Gate Latch
Keystone X-eXternal Gate Latch
Lokk-Bolt Security Drop Bolt
Key-Locking Stainless Steel Drop Rod
Pool Safety Latches
MagnaLatch ALERT Safety Latches
MagnaLatch Series 3 Safety Latches

MagnaLatch Series 2 - Top Pull
MagnaLatch Series 2 - Vertical Pull
Protector Magnetic Safety Latch
Protector Jr. Magnetic Safety Latch
Two-Sided Access Latches
Spring Latch
Irish Gate Latch
Wooden Gate & Door Latches
Lock Thru Latch
Standard Post Latch Set
Contemporary Latch Set
Thumb Latch
All-Purpose Latch Kit
Cape Cod Latch
Fork Latch Kit with Handle
SS Copper Finish Standard Latch
Throw Over Gate Loop
Top Mount Gate Latch
Looped Ring Gate Latch
Split Rail Loop Latch
Round Rail Loop Latch
One-Sided Access Latches
Adj. Gravity Latch w/ Floating Bar
Gravity Latch

Offset Gravity Latch
Heavy Duty Gravity Latch
Slide Bolt Latch

Dumpster Latch
Cane Bolts
Stainless Steel Drop Rod Bolts

Drop Rod Bolts
MagnaLatch Safety Latch - Side Pull
Padlock Eyes
Safety Gate Hook & Eyes


Decorative Gate Handles
Stainless Steel Cleat Handle
SS Copper Finish Gate Handle
Lokk-Latch Gate Handle
Twisted Ring Pull Handle

Post Caps

Decorative Post Caps

Stop Sagging Gates

Adjust-A-Gate Kits
Adjustable Gate Brace
Ready Gate (Anti-Sag Kit)

Non-Sag Gate Kit

Drop Rod Kits

Heavy Duty Cane Bolts
Stainless Steel Cane Bolts
Drop Rod Bolts
Stainless Steel Drop Rod Bolts
Lokk-Bolt Security Drop Bolt
Key-Locking Stainless Steel Drop Rod

Gate Closing Devices

Kant-Slam Hydraulic Gate Closer
Turtle Back Hydraulic Gate Closer

TB175 Gate Closer
TB200/400/600 Gate Closers
TB250+/450+/650+ Gate Closers

Locinox Samson 2 Gate Closer
Locinox Verticlose Gate Closer 180°
Locinox Verticlose Gate Closer 90°
Locinox Mammoth 180° Gate Closer

Locinox Mammoth 90° Gate Closer
Gate Springs
"Boomer" Gate Springs
Cannonball Gate Closer

Steel Post Adapters

Adjustable Wood Adapter Clamp
Steel to Wood Post Adapter Clamp
Oz-Post Wood Adapter Brackets
Wood to Steel Adapters
Double Wood to Steel Adapters
T-Post Wood to Steel Adapters


OZCO Decorative Gate Hardware
"Dummy" Hinge Fronts
Hex Head Lag Screws
Touch Up Paint
2x4 Bracket
Fence & Timber Bracket/Rail Splicer
Wood Rail Splicer
Gate-Stop - Steel
Gate-Stop - Polymer
Padlock Eyes
Carriage House Hardware
Gate Inserts

Swing Gate Wheel
Swivel Swing Gate Wheel
Swivel S
wing Gate Wheel w/Spring
Gate Whee
Horseshoe Rolling Gate Hangers
Single Strap Rolling Gate Hangers
Oz-Post Fence Post Supports
Oz-Deck Deck Supports
Swift Clamp Bolt Down Post Support
FootingPad Deck Footing System

Cedar Arbors, Swings, and Furniture
More Furniture

Hardware Catalog

Adjustable gate kit for wood fences shown with a Uni-Latch (UL-103) latch.  Gate frames are adjustable for numerous sizes and incorporate welds, braces, and trusses for a non-sag gate.

Pictured Above: Adjustable
gate kit for wood gates
shown with a spaced dog ear
cedar picket fence.  UL-103
Uni-Latch is used for a
secure, lockable swing gate.

Click here for more post caps!

Decorative Post Caps in
Pressure-Treated, Cedar
and Redwood!

D&D Technologies Complete Gate Hardware Catalog

D&D Technologies
Complete Gate
Hardware Catalog

Locinox Complete Gate Hardware Catalog

Locinox Complete
Gate Hardware

Hoover Fence Co Wood Gate Hardware Sample Catalog

Hoover Fence Co.
Gate Hardware
Sample Catalog


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We accept all major credit cards

Hardware Index
Old Fashioned Heavy Duty Hinges

Old Fashioned Heavy Duty Hinges

  • Available in 7", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24", 30", 36", and 48" Lengths
  • Traditional Design Combined with Exceptional Strength
  • Ideal for Gates, Barns, Garages, Garden Sheds, and Carriage Houses
  • Heavy Duty Forged Steel Straps with Cast Iron Cup Mounts
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish
  • Black Product Has a Polyester Powder Coat Finish Applied Over a Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish (BPPCG)
  • Black Hinges Supplied with Black Stainless Steel 2 Inch #12 Wood Screws
  • Galvanized Hinges Supplied with 2 Inch #12 Dacromet Galvanized Screws
  • This Traditional Design Has Been Manufactured Since 1850
  • Can Be Flush Mounted or Jamb Mounted
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Installation Instructions for 7", 12", 14" and 16" Heavy Duty Hinges
  • Installation Instructions for 18", 20" and 24" Heavy Duty Hinges
  • Installation Instructions for 30" and 36" Heavy Duty Hinges
  • Mounting Diagrams: Flush Mount | Jamb Mount | Jamb Mount with Filler
  • We carry a Stainless version of the 12" hinge Here.
  • We also carry a Curved version of the 12" hinge Here.
  • We Also Carry a Matching "Dummy" Hinge Front Here (For use on the opposite side of the gate)

Heavy Duty Hinges - Jamb Mounted Heavy Duty Hinges - Flush Mounted Heavy Duty Hinges with Twisted Ring Gate Latch Heavy Duty Hinges with Hasp Close-up of Cast Iron Cup Mounts and Hinge Pin Custom Gate using Heavy Duty Hinges

What Size Hinge to Use? The rule of thumb for determining the size to use is the band should be about one quarter to
 one third the width of the gate or door. If the gate or door is over six feet high then a third hinge should be utilized
 (one hinge for every three feet of height)

Please Note: Hinges require that a Carriage Bolt (preferred) or Lag Bolt be utilized on each hinge as shown here. These are not included as the length required will vary with installation. The use of Hot Dipped Galvanized Bolts or Lags is recommended. We suggest finishing the tops with our Touch-Up Paint or Black Spray Paint.

Code Finish Length
Pin Diameter
(per Pair)
View Cart
8292-07SP Black Powder Coat 7 1/2 5 $ Add to Cart
8292-072 Galvanized 7 1/2 4 $ Add to Cart
8292-12SP Black Powder Coat 12 1/2 6 $ Add to Cart
8292-122 Galvanized 12 1/2 6 $ Add to Cart
8292-14SP Black Powder Coat 14 1/2 6 $ Add to Cart
8292-142 Galvanized 14 1/2 6 $ Add to Cart
8292-16SP Black Powder Coat 16 1/2 6 $ Add to Cart
8292-162 Galvanized 16 1/2 6 $ Add to Cart
8292-18SP Black Powder Coat 18 5/8 9 $ Add to Cart
8292-182 Galvanized 18 5/8 9 $ Add to Cart
8292-20SP Black Powder Coat 20 5/8 10 $ Add to Cart
8292-202 Galvanized 20 5/8 9 $ Add to Cart
8292-24SP Black Powder Coat 24 5/8 12 $ Add to Cart
8292-242 Galvanized 24 5/8 11 $ Add to Cart
8292-30SP Black Powder Coat 30 3/4 16 $ Add to Cart
8292-302 Galvanized 30 3/4 15 $ Add to Cart
8292-36SP Black Powder Coat 36 3/4 18 $ Add to Cart
8292-362 Galvanized 36 3/4 16 $ Add to Cart
8292-48SP Black Powder Coat 48 7/8 24 $ Add to Cart
8292-482 Galvanized 48 7/8 22 $ Add to Cart