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Easy-Lock Magnetic Gate Latch - Economic Alternative to Pool Safety Latches
Magnetic Gate Latch
Federal and local pool codes require self-latching gates for pool barriers to keep unauthorized people from entering the pool area.  Unfortunately, every year hundreds of toddlers enter the pool area and drown.  Magnetic gate latches have rapidly become the safety latch of choice.  The "Easy-Lock" magnetic gate latch meets all pool codes when properly installed.  Give yourself peace of mind and protect your young ones with the "Easy-Lock" magnetic gate latch!


Easy-Lock Magnetic Gate Latch

  • Highly Child Resistant
  • Key Lockable
  • Two Keys Provided
  • Adjustable Height
  • Left or Right Hand Applications
  • Automatic Magnetic Latching
  • Simple Latch Release Knob
  • Available in black or white
  • Can be used on any kind of square framed gate/post
  • Fits gate/post gaps between 5/8" to 1"
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Complete Instructions For Easy Installation
  • Pool Safe* When Mounted According To Local Standards
  • Price includes UPS ground shipping in Continental USA!
  • Installation and Maintenance Instructions
  • Consumer Product Safety Commissions Pool Barrier Guidelines


How this latch works:

The "Easy-Lock" magnetic gate latch works as a pool safety latch when matched with self-closing hinges. (click here to find self-closing hinges for your application) When the gate closes, the magnetic striker pulls the latch pin securely into the striker. The gate cannot be forced open by a toddler with this system. The gate is opened by simply pulling up on the latch release knob on top. The latch can be locked with keys provided.

Mounting the Easy-Lock Magnetic Latch on a high post
Mounting on high latch post

Mounting the Easy-Lock Magnetic Latch on a low post
Mounting on low latch post

Easy-Lock Magnetic Gate Latch - Protect your toddlers from entering the pool area!
Easy-Lock Magnetic Gate Latch
Protect your toddlers from entering

the pool area with this pool-safe* latch



*Most swimming pool codes require a latch on a gate protecting a swimming pool area be a minimum of 54" above the bottom of the gate in order to put it out of the reach of small children.  Self-closing hinges are required on pool-safe applications. Standard gate posts on fences less than 5' high may need to be extended higher to allow the latch to be mounted higher. In many cases the latch can be mounted to extend above the posts to attain height required. (see images above) Check your local pool codes which may vary.

Protect your pool area with this pool-safe* magnetic latch!



  Easy-Lock "Child-Proof" Magnetic Gate Latch - Black


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  Easy-Lock "Child-Proof" Magnetic Gate Latch - White


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