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Spring Loaded T-hinge Adjustment

Adjusting tension on HSP-8 Spring Loaded T-hinge

Adjusting the closing rate on your hinges is an easy process but not readily apparent at first glance. Included in the mounting hardware should have been a small metal rod approximately 4 inches in length and 1/8 inch in diameter- this is your adjusting tool. Now take a look at the hinge itself. Located on the top (or bottom, depending on how you mounted the hinge) you'll see a metal disc about 1/4 inch thick with small holes drilled into the sides, this is where you adjust the spring tension for the closing rate. To add more tension to the spring and make the gate close faster, insert the adjustment tool into one of the small holes and turn it towards the gate. Be careful not to put too much tension onto the spring as this may cause problems with the spring binding, thus keeping your gate from opening or closing easily. In a worst case scenario the spring could possibly break if set with too much tension on it. To remove tension and close the gate at a slower rate, insert the adjustment tool into one of the small holes and turn the adjustment disc towards the gate post, wall, or stationary object the hinge is attached to. With this simple adjustment you should be able to find just the right setting to get the desired gate closing speed. Insert included pin to lock adjustment. Enjoy your new hinges!