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 Magnetic Child-Safety Latch - Magna-Latch Series 3

Some 300 children under the age of 5 drown in unattended backyard pools each year, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. When the Magna-Latch is used with self-closing hinges, the combination will ensure the gate leading to your pool or spa closes and latches automatically to prevent small kids from wandering in.

The system consists of 2 parts, self-closing hinges and a magnetic gate latch which automatically latches and uses a unique opening method which makes it almost impossible for young children to open. Hinges and latch sold separately. Most gates utilize self-closing hinges.

Many of our BOCA approved fence styles require the Magna-Latch on all gates.  The latch is an attractive, easy to install addition to most any style of fence and provides worry-free access control to your pool.

How it works:

MAGNA-LATCH gate latches are magnetically triggered safety devices that have revolutionized the safety, reliability and child-resistance of swimming pool, childcare and household gates.

The unique operating principle is brilliantly simple. As the gate swings shut, a powerful 'permanent' magnet draws a latch bolt from one housing into the other, latching it securely.

No amount of shaking, pushing or pulling can disengage the latch. The concept is so advanced it boasts international awards for design excellence.

The latch has been designed to meet strict international safety codes, including all codes relating to swimming pool gate safety. The dangerous problem of a gate "resting on the latching mechanism", appearing to be latched, is eliminated when using MAGNA-LATCH. The quiet and reliable latching action means MAGNA-LATCH incurs no mechanical resistance to closure, and so suffers none of the sticking, jamming and sagging problems associated with 'mechanical' gate latches.

This model is 100 percent rust free and carries a limited lifetime warranty. It is also key-lockable for added security. Despite it technical attributes, the secret to MAGNA-LATCH is its exclusive and patented 'Lost Motion Technology'. Lost Motion is like a zone of 'free play' that allows the release knob of the latch to work independently of the latch bolt. The release knob does not rest on a spring that could sag or break, which would cause interference in other devices.

Lost Motion means MAGNA-LATCH will always trigger safely, even if the device is key-locked when the gate is open. Also, the latch can never be triggered before the gate is shut!

MAGNA-LATCH is unique. Its advanced, ultra-safe technology means householders and trades people never again need to use old-fashioned mechanical latching devices.