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Magna-Latch - Magnetic Gate Latch
Three Models - Top Pull, Vertical Pull, Side Pull

Magna-Latch Side Pull Latch
Magnetic Gate Latch

We have searched high and low before finding these child resistant Magna-Latches in the outback! The Magna-Latches come in three varieties, Top Pull, Vertical Pull, and Side Pull. For shorter gates, choose the Top Pull model to extend the height of the latch release up above the gate so that kids cannot reach it. If you have installed a taller fence and gate, use the Vertical Pull or Side Pull Models. This latch is not keyed or lockable whereas the others are. The face of the gate and the fence must be on the same plane for it to function properly like many latches. The Side Pull Magna-Latch works great for deck gates and other household doors and gates. Please note no screws or bolts are provided for mounting this latch. Use screws for wood, bolts for other surfaces. The maximum gap between the gate upright and latch post is 3/8" (10mm). Product is usually available for immediate shipment. The newly designed Side Pull Series 2 model now offers 3/8" (10mm) of vertical adjustment, as well as 3/8" horizontal adjustment. Easy to install and adapts for left or right hinged gates.

How it works: When the gate is unlatched, the stainless spring forces the bolt action out, away from the latch receiver. When the gate is pushed shut, the high power magnet pulls the bolt into the receiver, making it a self-closing latch. Use spring-loaded hinges or a self-closer device for it to work as a safety device (sold separately). D&D Catalog

Key Lockable Side Pull Magna-Latch Installed on Gate

Magna Latch Side Pull Latch Features:

  • Now available in a Key Lockable Configuration
  • Sold Individually
  • No Resistance to Closure
  • Suits All Gate Materials
  • Durable, Reliable Action
  • Permanent Strong Magnet
  • No Mechanical Jamming
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Provides Child Resistance
  • Stainless Steel Bolt Action, Spring Loaded Latch
  • Hard Plastic - Fade Resistant And Will Not Rust
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Magna-Latch Side Pull Manual
  • Magna-Latch Side Pull Specifications

Standard Side Pull Magna Latch Standard Side Pull Magna Latch Parts
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Key Lockable Pricing:

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Key Lockable Magna-Latch Side Pull, Black

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Case of 10 - Key Lockable Magna-Latch Side Pull, Black

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Standard Pricing:

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Magna-Latch Side Pull, Black

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Case of 10 - Magna-Latch Side Pull, Black

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Case of 10 - Magna-Latch Side Pull, White

Side Pull Magna Latch Adjustablility
WARNING: This is not a childproof latch; it offers child resistance only when used in conjunction with approved gate latch shields or when mounted at certain heights. Swimming pool fences, gates, and latches cannot substitute for adult supervision. If using this latch on a swimming pool gate, consult all appropriate local authorities for safety requirements. The latch will operate properly only if installed and maintained in accordance with the instructions shown on package when received.

MAINTENANCE:  DO NOT LUBRICATE THIS LATCH.   Ensure all screws or bolts are tightened firmly and that the latch bolt is kept free of sand, debris, or ice which could impair any latch's performance.