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Hoover Fence will pay you $20 for your pictures!

That's right, complete the survey and mail or email us the pictures and if we use them on our site(s) we will glady write you a check for $20!  We'll accept pictures of any fence or railing job, vinyl or aluminum!  We'll even accept pictures of other products that you've purchased from us.  Have you recently installed a gate operator or access control device?  Take a roll of film and snap some pictures and send them in!  How about that vinyl arbor you gave your Mom as a gift?  Assemble it and get a friend to take some pictures of you assembling it and the finished project and we'll gladly pay you for them! (Note: Regular prints by mail or digital images by email accepted, email should include all the information on the form below)


Who do we make the check out to and where do we send it?
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Rate your purchase experience:    1 through 10,  10 being the highest.
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Complete and mail to:

Hoover Fence Co.
Advertising Department
4521 Warren Rd
Newton Falls, Ohio 44444


By completing this form sending in your pictures, you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement.
All pictures and content sent to Hoover Fence Co. shall become the property of Hoover Fence Co. and may be used in further advertisement including Internet based as well as print or television advertisements.  Payment will only be made if Hoover Fence agrees to use the images in our advertising.  Your address will be kept confidential but we may use your name and city to identify the pictures.  Please, Hoover Fence customers only, copy of invoice may be necessary for validation.