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45 Barbwire Arm
Pressed Steel Galvanized (One Piece)


Three-wire barbwire arms are the most popular fitting used to install barbwire on a chain link fence. Slip on to intermediate posts, slide top rail through, stretch chain link fence, and stretch barbwire last. Generally barbarms face out in relation to the fence, however 45 barbarms may be installed so barbwire side faces outside or inside of fence. Keep an eye on your helper who is installing them as it is very frustrating to get down the fence row a couple hundred feet with toprail to discover one was accidentally installed backwards!

Barbarms are galvanized and made with a "Z" cut to secure barbwire. Barbwire may be stretched to extended terminal posts with brace bands, or to special 'terminal' barbwire arms. If using the extended terminal posts method, barbwire simply gets wrapped around nut bolt within brace bands and wrapped back around itself. Our barbwire rolls are spun onto an empty cage made of wire. You can slide a piece of round tubing through the center of the roll to carry it and lift it. You can even use this piece of pipe to slide through the roll of barbwire and into a diamond of chain link. One person can then pull or 'pay' out the loose end of barbwire to the other end for hooking up to the top of the terminal post. Once connection is secured, barbwire roll can be laid down and stretched using a come-a-long and wire grip.

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Pressed Steel Three-Wire 45 Barbwire Arm

Three-Wire 45
Barbwire Arm

Use these three-wire 45 barbwire arms on chain link fences. 

Code Size Weight Bag Qty* Price Ea.

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CL-BAP-15 Fits 1-5/8" O.D. Post,
1-5/8" Top Rail"
2.0 lbs. 25 $ Add to Cart
CL-BAP-2 Fits 2" O.D. Post,
1-5/8" Top Rail"
2.25 lbs. 25 $ Add to Cart
CL-BAP-25 Fits 2-1/2" O.D. Post,
1-5/8" Top Rail"
2.50 lbs. 25 $ Add to Cart
CL-BAP-3 Fits 3" O.D. Post,
1-5/8" Top Rail"
2.75 lbs. 20 $ Add to Cart

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