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Linear GNC-1 Curb Mount Gooseneck StandGNB-1-gooseneck.jpg (23170 bytes)Linear GNC-1  and GNB-1 Gooseneck Stands 

The Model GNC-1 Curb Mount Gooseneck is used for easy installation of keypads, telephone entry systems, and other access control products mounting to a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt. The GNB-1 Burial Mount Gooseneck is designed to be buried in the ground, concrete reinforced for permanent installation.


  • GNC-1 Curb mount configuration
  • GNB-1 In-Ground mount configuration 
  • Rugged, weather resistant, powder coated rolled steel construction 
  • Universal bolt pattern on faceplate fits all manufacturer's products
  • GNC-1 measures 5.25" W x 44" H x 15.5" D
  • GNB-1 meaures 4" W x 74" H x 13" D
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