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Securitron Magnetic Lock
Magnalocks - Model 62 Series


Securitron Magnalock Model 62F
(Model M62F Pictured)
Model Choices:
Securitron Model M62 Magnetic Lock Model M62 - Mounts at top. Commonly used for doors with magnet attached to the header of the door opening. Designed for door to be opened away from the lock.
Securitron Model M62G Magnetic Lock Model M62G - Mounts at top. Same as the M62 only with universal conduit fitting. Designed for door to be opened away from the lock.
Securitron Model M62F Magnetic Lock Model M62F - Face mount. Commonly used for doors that swing into protected area and for swing gates with wiring running through hollow post when possible. Z-brackets will be used. 
Securitron Model M62FG Magnetic Lock Model M62FG - Face mount. Same as the M62F only with universal conduit fitting. This model is used primarily for gates and other outdoor applications. Z-brackets will be used.


     Magnalocks are designed to secure any type of door or gate that closes against a fixed stop. Hoover Fence Co. features the Model 62 as the best all-around magnetic lock that can be used for multiple applications. The product consists of an electromagnet which mounts on the fixed frame and a strike plate which mounts on the moving door or gate. The strike plate is delivered with fasteners that permit it to flex so that when the door closes, it automatically self aligns with the magnet. Magnetic force then takes over, strongly securing the door. Release is achieved by switching off power to the magnet. The model 62 series magnet has a holding force of 1200 lbs. Models are available for gates and doors.

Physical Installation:

     Because of the wide variety of situations in which the Magnalock may be utilized, first survey the physical area in which it is to be installed and determine the best method of mounting it. In this initial planning two considerations come into play: the mounting method must be strong enough so that the full holding power of the Magnalock can be effective, and the Magnalock and wiring must be protected to a reasonable degree from damage by intruders or vandals. Magnalocks are supplied with a complete set of fasteners. Often an accessory bracket is necessary, either purchased as an option or made up by the installer.

Electrical Installation:

     The Magnalock operates on 12/24 VDC. The model 62 Magnalock is a dual voltage unit. This means that you can apply either 12 or 24 volts to the unit and it will operate equally well. Magnalocks are auto-switching which means that the lock automatically detects whether it is receiving 12 or 24 volts and draws the correct amount of current for that voltage. Most 12/24 VDC control boxes for gate operators will provide the power to operate the lock. Optional Securitron Power Sources are also available. Not compatible with low-voltage systems.


     The Magnalock comes with a manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty (see page 16 of installation manual). Securitron offers instant installation support and advice as well as custom wiring diagrams (1-800-MAG-LOCK). Hoover Fence Co. also provides a 30-day money back guarantee. Click here for return policy.

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