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Mail Slots - Standard, Deluxe and Vertical

Standard, deluxe and vertical mail slots are made of brass and are available in three popular finishes. All mail slots may be used for U.S.P.S. residential door mail delivery.

Three piece deluxe mail slots are made of solid brass and handcrafted with the word “MAIL” cast into the flap. Heavy duty tamper proof brass bolts secure the front and back frames to each other from the rear and accommodate doors and walls from 1-1/4''- 1-7/8'' D. Front plate and flap are 1/4" thick, inside plate is 3/16" thick.

Two piece standard mail slots have a spring-loaded flap for the front of a wall or door and inside trim for the rear. Standard mail slots are available in two sizes, letter size (#4035) and magazine size (#4045).

One piece vertical mail slots are spring-loaded and do not include inside trim.

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This merchandise has been returned. All items have been inspected, and they are complete and in mint condition. Discounted 10%.

Standard Mail Slots - Available in antique, brass and chrome finishes in two sizes - Click to enlarge!
Standard Mail Slot

Deluxe Mail Slots - Available in antique, brass and chrome finishes - Click to enlarge!
Deluxe Mail Slot






Click to enlarge! LOT-4035A 2 MAIL SLOT-STANDARD
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Click to enlarge! LOT-4085B 2 MAIL SLOT-VERTICAL
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Click to enlarge! LOT-4085C 1 MAIL SLOT-VERTICAL
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