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LiftMaster Batteries

Replacement Batteries - Manufactured specifically for LiftMaster gate operators. The LA400 and LA412 gate operators use two of the 7 amp hour batteries for a 24 volt system. The RSW12V and RSL12V operators use a single 7 amp hour battery for a 12 volt system. Also available is the 33 amp hour 12 volt battery that is recommended for use with the RSW12V and RSL12V operators when using solar panels to charge the batteries. The 33 amp hour provides more reserve power for extended cycles for these operators. Note: The MBAT 7AH battery does not include a battery harness, the A12330SGLPK 33AH battery includes a battery harness. (Battery manufacturer may vary, specifications will remain the same)

MBAT 12VDC 7AH Battery

A12330SGLPK 12VDC 33AH Battery

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MBAT 12 Volt 7 Amp Hour DC Battery
Replacement for All LiftMaster DC Operators - Single Battery


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K94-37236 Battery Harness for MBAT 12V 7AH Battery
For LiftMaster Gate Operators


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A12330SGLPK 12 Volt 33 Amp Hour DC Battery w/Harness
Optional Battery for LiftMaster Solar Powered Gate Operators


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