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Jerith Residential Ornamental Fence Calculator

This calculator will enable you to get an accurate material list for Jerith residential ornamental aluminum fence. It will also calculate the price automatically for you. Just follow the 9 steps.

This illustration points out that each line of fence, identified by the letters, is separate and distinctively different that the others for estimating purposes. Note that the side A-B, are two separate lines, since it does matter how much footage is on each side of the gate.

It does not matter that your fence project may not match the illustration. Make a similar drawing of your project and label the sides. This will help clarify your entries in the fields below.

Step 1:

Enter footage for each stretch. Fractions will not be calculated.

A: B: C: D: E: F:

G: H:  I:  J: K: L:

Step 2:

Enter corner posts. These posts have two panels attached to it forming a 90 degree angle. Include posts that create an angle nearer 90 degrees than 180 degrees.

Corner Posts:

Step 3:

Enter Gate End Posts. These posts are either latch or hinge posts as illustrated. Also they serve as end posts because a panel must also attach to it. Do not include a gate post if it is free standing without a panel attached to it.

Gate End Posts:

Step 4:

Enter End Posts. These posts terminate a line of fence. Only one panel is attached to an end post.

End Posts:



Enter Free Standing Gate Blank Posts. 'AA' illustrates a free standing gate blank post. These posts are a gate hinge or latch post, but do not have a panel attached to them. In this example you could latch to the house in which case, you do not need a post. We recommend a post in most cases. We do not recommend using one of these posts as a hinge post, because sagging of the gate due to a leaning post is more likely. Try to rearrange your layout to avoid that.

Gate Blank Posts:

Step 5:

Enter Walk Gates (Single Swing Gates). Gate 1 is a single swing gate. Choose the opening width of the gate and enter the quantity.


Width (ft) Quantity
Walk #1
Walk #2

Step 6:

Enter Drive Gates (Double Swing Gates). Gate 2 is a double swing gate. Choose the opening width of the gate and enter the quantity.


Width (ft) Quantity
Drive #1
Drive #2
Step 7:

Enter your State. Can not calculate shipping without a state.

Shipping To State:

Step 8:

Choose a height.

Click for Hoover Fence Step 9:

You are done. Click 'done' and jump for cover... who knows what might go wrong from here on out.