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Western Red Cedar Grape Stakes

Western Red Cedar Grape Stakes can be used for a wide range of applications including fences using the stakes as pickets, fences using the stakes as posts with wire or other type fabrics stapled to the stakes, garden stakes especially good for high climbing plant supports, and many other uses limited only by your imagination. The Grape Stake features hand-split, rough textured, uneven natural appearance. Originally used in vineyards to support the grapes, the pickets are nearly indestructible and hold up to the elements better than nearly all available wood products, even below ground. The reddish brown color of the stakes can be preserved with a sealer or left to weather to a natural grey. The stakes measure roughly 2" square and are 6' long with a pointed end. The 6' length can be are easily cut to the desired size.

Grape stakes are great for supporting garden plants and protective barriers!

Cedar Grape Posts can be used for many outdoor projects without rotting and is highly insect resistant!


Cedar Grape Stakes do a great job of supporting heavy garden plants like tomatoes. Simply drive the pointed end into the ground and tie the plants to the stake as it grows. Won't collapse like a wire cage will and with it's great natural resistance to insects and rotting, it will last for years!

Cedar Grape Posts make an excellent support for tomatoes and other heavy climbing plants!

Cedar Grape Posts are sturdy enough to support wire fence to protect your garden from four legged pests!

Cedar Grape Stakes are great for constructing a wire fence around a small garden area. Drive the stake into the ground and tack the light gauge fence to the stake and you're done. Pull an end post out of the ground to enter the planting area and replace it when you're done. Keep the four legged pests outside!

Western Red Cedar Grape Stakes - 2" x 2" Fence Pickets (Rough Split)
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