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  4" Double Action Spring Hinge (GH-604DA)


This is the type of hinge used on old Western Style bar doors. They mount on doors allowing them to swing both ways and when they're let go, they return to the closed position. Use on kitchen doors, parts room doors, or any door that must allow people to go both ways. Maximum door thickness is 1-1/4". Available in gray only.

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To apply the hinges it is necessary to release the tension on the springs.  Insert the tension adjuster in one of the holes in the tension lug and turn it so the tension rivet can be removed.  Apply the hinges near the top and bottom of the door.

Fit the DOOR FLANGE into the door so the shoulder at each end of the flange is flush with the surface of the door.  The JAMB FLANGE is applied to the surface of the door casing.  The door must be located midway between the axial centers of the double acting hinge.

It is necessary that the hinges be applied on a door in axial alignment with each other.

With the door in the closed position apply equal tension to the springs by turning the tension lug away from the edge of the flange which contacts the tension rivet.  Then insert the tension rivet and the recoil of the spring will contact it with the flange.

BE SURE to turn the tension lug in the correct direction.  Turn it toward the left when hinge is applied with tension lug at the top and toward the right when the tension lug is at the bottom.

It is important to select a size of hinge suitable for the requirements. If they are too small and overloaded the door will not operate satisfactorily or breakage may occur.

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