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Smooth Railing Installation Instructions

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  1. Drill size Z (.413 - .423) hole into post
  2. Close handles of L325-RN
  3. Use service wrench to loosen nosepiece locknut
  4. Screw nosepiece down to meet nosepiece locknut
  5. Turn stroke adjuster to 1/16" (0.062) greater than the work thickness of the application lining up bottom of stroke adjuster with required measurement on the stroke rule sticker
  6. Open handles as much as possible until restricted by the stroke adjuster seating on the rear body
  7. Screw fastener on by hand until tip of mandrel is flush with top of threads
  8. Screw nosepiece up to meet bottom of the fastener
  9. Use service wrench to tighten nosepiece locknut
  10. Place rivet nut into hole
  11. Squeeze handles (If fastener did not pull securely, slightly open handles and turn stroke adjuster one-half turn. Loosen locknut, turn nosepiece one-quarter turn counterclockwise, tighten locknut and squeeze handles again.)
    *You may have to repeat step #11 until the fastener is firm and secured on the application
  12. Place collar over hole with rivet
  13. Place arm over collar
  14. Fasten provided machine bolt to post (hand tightened)
  15. Adjust fixture to the desired angle and tighten with screwdriver
  16. Drill two (2) size 7 holes into the rail
  17. Place rail on fixture and fasten screws securely