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Installation of Ornamental PVC Fence Slats

Tools - Tools that will be needed to cut and install privacy panels are:
  • Miter saw or some sort of band saw.
    If using a miter saw, make sure you reverse the blade. This will ensure you a smooth cut and will not chip the PVC
  • Drill and 1/4" drill bit to drill holes to secure extender clip to panel.
  • Rubber mallet to tap with.

Step 1:
Choose Picket Size: Measure pickets on fence to match these slats.
Choose Height: Measure height of fence to match these slats.
Choose how many Boxes of Slats you need: You will need one slat per picket. You can simply count the number of pickets on your fence, or get an approximate estimate with this formula: 2.39 x Running FT. = Approximate # of Pickets.
Choose to order with or without extension clips: Extension clips are optional. They are designed to slide and fasten on last slat with snap buttons and close the last gap between the last picket of a section and the post.
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Step 2:
Unpack and check contents of shipment.
Measure distance between horizontal rails where you would like to install ornamental PVC slats.

Step 3:
Trim PVC Fence slats if necessary for a perfect fit. Recommend cutting 1/4" shorter to leave room for expansion.

Step 4:
Pry open the top of the privacy panels. Even though the panel is quite rigid, it is flexible enough to open enough for installing over pickets.

Step 5:
Release fold and press PVC fence slat in place.  A rubber mallet can help tap slats all the way down. Continue to snap on all privacy picket panels until the fence is complete. I you want your fence to stay private at all times, use the Hurricane lock to snap on the back of the privacy panels (optional locks sold separately). The locks can be removed or put on at anytime depending if you want total privacy or you want them open for a breeze or view.

Step 6:
Take an extender clip and start from the top and slide down the privacy panel, this will line right up and lock in place. Take your drill and drill a hole on the centerline of the extender clip. You can use as few or as many buttons as needed to secure the extender clip to the privacy panel. Normally about 3 or 4 for 4' and 5' heights. Use more for taller picket panels. Take a button, line it up with the hole and push hard to lock in. You will hear it snap. It's that easy.

Trim PVC Fence slats if necessary for a perfect fit.
Step 3
Fold open PVC fence slat.
Step 4
Start at bottom of fence, gate, or railing panel. Simply release PVC fence slat on to pickets.
Step 5
Clips fill the outside picket gaps if needed.
Step 6
Note: Privacy fence screening, privacy slats, and fence louvers may increase the windload on any fence or structure. Make sure your fence or structure is constructed properly for the additional windload before installing.
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