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Installation Tips

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Rebar Separator Clips
  • Installing rebar separator clipsThe Rebar Separator Clip was designed for use in end and gate posts or any other post that needs extra support.
  • All end and gate posts must be filled with concrete and 2 pieces of 1/2" rebar for maximum strength and performance
  • The Rebar Separator Clip will assure that the rebar inside the post
    is positioned in opposing corners of the post and is held in a vertical position
Rebar length should extend from the bottom of the hole to:
End Posts - 1/2 way up the height of post
Gate Posts - 12" down from the top of the post

Position for rebar separator clip

  1. Attach Rebar Separator Clip to each piece of 1/2" wide rebar, approximately 12" up from the bottom.
  2. Attach Rebar Separator Clip to each piece of rebar, approximately 6" down from the top.
  3. Lower rebar down into post.
  4. Install gate hardware (if applicable)
  5. Fill post with concrete mix to completely cover rebar.