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Estimating Quantities for Black Post & Rail Style - Part 2 || Next Part

Corner, end, line and blank posts are distinctly different on the Post and Rail Fence. Each post has pre-routed holes so the rails can slide into the post. A corner therefore has holes on two sides that are adjacent to each other, whereas a line post has holes on two sides opposite each other, and so forth with the other post types.

A blank post has no holes pre-routed and is used for gate latch posts, where no rail need be slid into the post. An example of that use is not illustrated in our drawing.

From the example illustration on the previous page, we can figure quantity of posts. The red rectangles illustrate which posts are corner posts. There are 5 of them.

The blue rectangles illustrate end posts. There are 6 of those.

Next we will figure the quantity of line posts. The illustration has numbers in red next to each stretch of fence. These numbers actually are the number of sections per line, including part sections. To calculate these numbers, divide the footage on each line by the post spacing. The black Post and Rail styles of fence are spaced 8' on centers. So if we divide 'S1' line, which is 75' long by 8, we get 9.3750. Round up to 10. Repeat this procedure for each line.

To determine the amount of line posts needed for each line of fence, subtract 1 from the number calculated. On line 'S1' that would be 9 line posts. Repeat the process and add all of the line posts for each line to arrive at the total line posts needed. In this example the total line posts is 90.