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Western Red Cedar Split Rail Fence Material Calculator
Prices: Jumbo Grade I Standard Grade I Pony Grade

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2-rail Jumbo
3-Rail Jumbo
2-Rail Standard
3-Rail Standard
2-Rail Pony
3-Rail Pony

4-Rail Orders Available as Special Order - Minimum Order of 1/2 Truckload Applies. (Approx. 10 Full Bundles of Components)

Description - Western Red Cedar Split Rail fence has proven more weather-resistant than Pine, Spruce, and Hemlock. Cedar also resists insect infestation. Western red cedar wood has a distinct color which left uncoated will weather to a silver gray color. Cedar split rail fence is very rustic in appearance. Each rail and post come in a slightly different size and shape. Red Cedar rail is available in a two rail (approx. 36" high - specs) and a three rail (approx. 48" high - specs) style. Jumbo and Standard rails are 10' long and butt inside the posts to make approximately 10' post centers. Pony rails are available in 8' lengths. We can also supply Pony rails in a 10' length, however only when ordered in truckload quantities. More information on western red cedar may be found here.

Advantages - Cedar split rail fence is one of the most cost effective styles for defining boundaries, decorating property, and fencing in livestock and horses. Split rail fencing is also one of, if not the easiest style of fence to install making it an ideal project for the do-it-yourselfer. Posts are typically set directly in the ground approx. 30" deep without any concrete. A tamping bar is used to compact the dirt around the post while backfilling.

Disadvantages - It is typical to have to retamp posts plumb after the ground settles around post so that the fence remains upright. This is especially true if the fence is installed in a wet area or it was wet when the fence was originally installed. Pouring gravel around the posts instead of backfilling with dirt will help prevent posts from leaning under the heavy weight of the rails and will also help with proper drainage of water away from the posts. Fence requires a preservative for the longest-lasting performance, however most installations are never treated.

Sizing - Western red cedar split rail is offered in three sizes, Jumbo, Standard, and Pony weight. This refers primarily to the rail girth, measurement around the fence rail. On average, Jumbo rails are 12"+ when measured around the rails. Standard fence rails are 10-12" in girth. Pony rails average 9-12". The hole and tenon dimensions are the same on all components amongst grades of our cedar split fencing, so they're universal in the sense that any post and any rail will fit together. A "Pony" fence post is also available for budget-conscious fencing projects. This grade of post is normally not a stock item; larger quantity orders may be required for this size to be cut for you.

Truckload Pricing - We are pleased to offer competitive discounts based on volume purchases and cumulative sales. A full semi truckload will require the purchase of approximately 20 units (bundles) of rails/ posts.

Small Gate
About Western Red Cedar Split Rail Gates:
pedestrian size gates are made entirely of wood; they are available in widths 3', 4', x and 5' wide. A cross brace is installed (as pictured left) to help prevent sag. Typically these gates hang on red cedar posts with standard wood gate hardware (sold separately). Pricing for wood gates will be found with the other western red cedar materials here.

Large Gate
Larger wood gates are challenging since wood as a building material has its limitations. For these gates, we have designed a custom welded galvanized tubular frame to mount the wood to. The structural frame allows for larger widths, 5', 6', 7', 8', and 9' widths are available. You may use two gates for double gate widths up to 18' wide! The split rail material is mounted for aesthetic purposes to match the fence. 3" or 4" O.D. round posts are commonly used for hinge and latch posts to support the weight. Chain link type hinges or barrel hinges are often used for hardware. More information on these gates may be found here.

Five Bar Gates
Ornamental Five-Bar Wood Gates are available in two styles, the Cambridge and Oxford Range - both compliment our styles of 3-rail split rail fences nicely. Both styles of gates are approximately 4' in height and crafted with superior quality impregnated pine. Gates are available in widths suitable for pedestrian traffic as well as vehicular traffic. Single gates are built up to 12' wide and may be doubled for a 24' wide gate opening! Please note these gates are made of impregnated pine and do not match in color to the cedar split rail. However if all is left to weather naturally, they will weather to near the same color. You may also paint or stain everything to match.

Steel Tube Gates
Our steel tube Farm Gates are a great addition to any split rail project. Gates are heavy-duty and our offerings include 7 grades in a variety of colors to fit your project. Gates sizes range from 4' wide to 20' wide and are available in plain tube configurations along with wire filled options that are perfect for containing small animals. All gates are Made in the USA! Check out our Farm Gates and accompanying Farm Gate Hardware for a dependable, long-lasting addition to your project!

3-Rail Western Red Cedar Split Rail Fence
Jumbo Grade

      Hoover Fence Company Installation (Jumbo Grade) - Click Images to Enlarge!


      Customer's Photos (Jumbo Grade) - Click Images to Enlarge!


      Hoover Fence Installation (Jumbo Grade) - Click Images to Enlarge!

      Customer's Photos (Standard Grade) - Click Images to Enlarge!


      Customer's Photos (Standard Grade) - Click Images to Enlarge!

Standard Grade WRC Split Rail Installation Standard Grade WRC Split Rail Installation Standard Grade WRC Split Rail Installation
      Customer's Photos (Jumbo Grade) - Click Images to Enlarge!
      Customer's Photos (Standard Grade) - Click Images to Enlarge!

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that all the materials came in just fine. Myself and one other guy put the fence up in 8 hours the first day and 2 hours the second day.

We have finally arrived, our pole barn and trailer are in a "Gated Community". It looks great!

Thanks, Don M., Florida

Standard Grade Cedar Split Rail Customer Installation 1 Standard Grade Cedar Split Rail Customer Installation 2

Prices: Jumbo Grade I Standard Grade I Pony Grade

Customer Comment: "I am 73 & built the Hoover two rail split rail fence in the front of my home in 8 days. I have never had so many individuals stop & explain how much they enjoyed the fence. In this hi-tech age you guys have a product that is rare. Thanks many times over for providing me a quality product that stops cars & trucks just to take a look!" - B.Miller, Oklahoma.
Customer Comment: "Just wanted to pass along a thanks to your driver. Delivered on time Wednesday and stacked it up nice and neat where I wanted it. Excellent job. I will count and double-check the number of post and rails this weekend but I foresee no issues. Also wanted to say I love the rustic look of the fence. The 'rough-cut' look really makes it stand out versus other split rail fence types that you can buy in the large box stores. It will look good in the back yard of our 2 acres, I'll pass along some photos when it's finished in a couple weeks."