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Spruce Stockade Picket Fence

Description - Spruce, as well as other species of wood such as pine and fir, belong to the grouping of woods known as whitewoods. This wood, when  used in outdoor applications such as fencing is white in appearance when first installed. Whitewoods readily accept stain or paint, but left untreated will weather to a silvery gray. Hoover Fence Co. highly recommends treating these spruce stockade fence panels to help prevent warping, cracking, and other general deterioration. Fence panels should be installed (with galvanized, aluminum, or stainless steel screws or nails) on treated fence posts or steel posts set in concrete footers. The depth and diameter of post holes and concrete footers are dependent on local building practices. Depth of footer should exceed local frost level.

Advantages - Wood privacy fences define boundaries, provide security, and help protect against natural elements such as snow and wind. Spruce stockade fence panels ship preassembled making installation fast, easy, and economical for an average fence builder. Spruce picket fences are one of the most economical privacy fences available and may be painted or stained to match buildings and houses. Preassembled fence panels are easy to cut down in size to fit lot characteristics. Gates may be made out of sections of fence.

Disadvantages - Fence requires a preservative for the longest-lasting performance, however many installations are never treated. Wood fence panels are not as consistent as vinyl or aluminum fence panels and generally do not last as long.

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Solid Spruce Stockade Wood Privacy Fence Panel

4-ft high Spruce Stockade Fence Panel 4' high assembled spruce stockade fence panel. Pickets are nail on and finish flush with rail ends. Stockade Fence Panel Close-up of Stockade Pickets
4' high panels have 2 horizontal backer rails. 5' and 6' high have 3 backer rails. 8' high has 4 backer rails. Top of 4' high spruce stockade fence section. Pickets have a rounded face. Picket width is approx. 3/4'' in the center, widest point, 3/8'' at end, thinnest point. Point on top of picket is approx. 3/4'' wide. Weathered Stockade Fence
Spruce Stockade Spruce Stockade Spruce Stockade Spruce Stockade
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Wood Species Whitewood - Spruce
Wood Grade #1 Quality with 3/4'' max. pickets
Treatment None - paint or stain recommended
Fence Heights Available 4', 5', 6', 8' heights only
Picket Top Stockade only, approx. 3/4'' wide at point
Picket Width 2-5/8'' actual
Picket Thickness 3/4'' at thickest point (center)
3/8" at thinnest point (ends)
Picket to Rail Fasteners Zinc nails or staples
Fence Section Width 96" only - Pickets finish flush with rail end
Rail End Plain
Horizontal Rail Dimensions 1-1/2'' x 2-1/2'' actual
Quantity of Horizontal (Back) Rails 4' High - Two Horizontal Rails
5' High - Three Horizontal Rails
6' High - Three Horizontal Rails
8' High - Four Horizontal Rails
*Please note all dimensions are approximate. Panels may vary slightly.