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Chain Link Post Caps

Chain link post caps are frequently used for fence terminal posts, end, corner, and gate posts. They are also used on gates and kennel panels. They simply tap on snugly with a hammer or pliers. We offer post caps for both round and square posts in a variety of common post sizes. Included are acorn caps, dome caps, and square dome post caps.

Aluminum pipe and tubing plugs or plastic are another option for 'capping' an exposed pipe, or tubing.

For square posts, check out available options here.


Acorn Post Caps

Round Acorn
Post Caps

Code Post Size Price View Cart
CL-PCA-13A 1-3/8" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-15A 1-5/8" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-2A 2" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-25A 2-1/2" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-3A 3" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-4A 4" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-65A 6-5/8" $ Add To Cart

Dome Post Caps

Round Dome
Post Caps

Code Post Size Price View Cart
CL-PCA-13D 1-3/8" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-15D 1-5/8" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-2D 2" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-25D 2-1/2" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-3D 3" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-4D 4" $ Add To Cart
CL-PCA-65D 6-5/8" $ Add To Cart


Note: These photos are for demonstration purposes only, actual size and design may vary slightly.

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