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Red-Headed Woodpecker Look-Alike Bird Feeder

Page Description

Our Red-Headed Woodpecker look-alike bird feeder is artistically crafted to mimic the very birds that may feed from them. All feeders are hand built and painted so no two will be exactly alike. Product made with pride in the USA! See further information and pricing below.

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Red-Headed Woodpecker Look-Alike Bird FeederRed-Headed Woodpecker Look-Alike Bird Feeder - Back ViewRed-Headed Woodpecker Look-Alike Bird Feeder - OpenRed-Headed Woodpecker - Real

Product Details

Red-Headed Woodpecker Look-Alike Bird Feeder:

  • Made of 3/4" and 7/8" white pine
  • Artistically hand-painted to resemble the same species they are modeled after
  • Front of each feeder is hardware cloth
  • To fill simply lift the beak and fold the head backwards to expose an approximate 2" fill hole
  • Size is approximately 22" high x 6" wide x 16" deep
  • Weight is approximately 4 lbs.
  • Handmade in USA


Product Pricing
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ABP-72-C Red-Headed Woodpecker Look-Alike Bird Feeder 4 lbs. $ Add to Cart