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Bulldog Gate Hinges
For Chain Link Gates


Bulldog Hinge - Click to enlarge!Bulldog chain link gate hinges are priced per hinge, not by the pair. Two are required for most single chain link gates, four are required for most double gates. Consider using three Bulldog hinges on gates which are taller than 8' high, or heavy. These chain link hinges will fit 1-5/8" O.D. and 2" O.D. gate tubing uprights simply by moving the collar on hinge. Hinges are very easy to install and may be used on gates which are automated. The larger portion of the hinge shown with U-Bolt simply bolts around the gate post.  The smaller portion, or collar, wraps around gate upright. The collar does not fit snug around gate upright, therefore allowing the gate upright to pivot freely. The hinge must be positioned so that one of the horizontal rails rests on the collar. You may bolt hinges just below the top horizontal rail, or build your gates so that they have a longer leg on one side to slide into the Bulldog hinge.

These chain link hinges allow for a 90 degree swivel in either direction. To allow hinges to swing a full 180, you will need one 180 adapter per hinge found here: Page 27a    180 adapters are easy to install. The U-bolts bolt around gate frame, 1-5/8" or 2", and the 'leg' portion simply slides into Bulldog hinge coupler.

Sold individually, pricing displayed is piece. Buy in Bulk and Save! Discounts will automatically apply when carting Bag Quantities or more.
Bulldog Chain Link Gate Hinges

Chain Link
Gate Hinge

Bulldog Hinge w/ U-bolt - Click to enlarge!

Bulldog Hinge w/ U-bolt - Click to enlarge!

Code Size
(Post Size x Gate Upright Size)
Weight Bag Qty* Price Ea. View Cart
CL-BHP-25B 2-1/2'' post x 1-5/8'' or 2'' gate 2.7 12 $ Add to Cart
CL-BHP-3B 3'' post x 1-5/8'' or 2'' gate 2.8 12 $ Add to Cart
CL-BHP-35B 3-1/2'' post x 1-5/8'' or 2'' gate 3.0 12 $ Add to Cart
CL-BHP-4B 4'' post x 1-5/8'' or 2'' gate 3.1 12 $ Add to Cart
CL-BHP-45B 4-1/2'' post x 1-5/8'' or 2'' gate 3.25 12 $ Add to Cart
CL-BHP-65B 6-5/8'' post x 1-5/8'' or 2'' gate 5.0 4 $ Add to Cart

*Buy in Bulk and Save! Discounts automatically applied on Bag Quantities or more!

Note: These photos are for demonstration purpose only, actual size and design may vary slightly. Weights shown are approximate.

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