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No Dig
Gate Holdbacks


The purpose of a gate holdback is to hold a gate in the open position securely. This is important so that the gate does not accidentally swing into a vehicle, and can be useful simply to hold the gate open for traffic. Gate holdbacks are popular on barrier gates, chain link gates, driveway gates, and dumpster enclosure gates.

Conventional gate holdbacks require 1-5/8" or 2" O.D. posts to be cemented in the ground usually several feet behind a gate where you'd like the gate to stay in the open position. The position of these conventional gate holdbacks is often inconvenient and the installation difficult. They install low to the ground and are easy to hit with vehicles and lawn equipment. Standard chain link gate holdbacks install with U-bolts, require digging post footers, and mixing and setting concrete. Once installed on a fence post set in cement, a standard gate holdback may be raised and lowered easily enough, however the position of the gate in this open position can not be adjusted.

No Dig gate holdbacks offer several advantages. First, they simply install to existing gate hinge posts with U-Bolts. There are no additional posts required. This advantage makes them ideal for retrofitting onto existing gates and gate posts. You may safeguard your gates easily and neatly in minutes with common hand tools, i.e. ratchet or wrench. Heavy duty galvanized fitting may easily be adjusted vertically and horizontally for the perfect fit to hold the gate in the 'open' position using the top rail, mid rail, or bottom rail of a gate. Gate may be adjusted to open further or less in minutes, if not seconds. Easy lever-action allows self-explanatory action. Eliminate the hassle of a post being set several feet behind gate where it is subject to possible damage. This is a no mess - no concrete - no nonsense - fitting made with brilliant simplicity!

Gate holdback installed to catch bottom of gate Gate holdback installed to catch center of gate
Gate holdback installed to catch top of gate
Gate holdback installed to catch tubular barrier gate

No Dig Gate Holdbacks
No Dig
Gate Holdback

NODIG gate holdback - Click to enlarge!


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3" O.D. No Dig Gate Holdback, 4 lbs.

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4" O.D. No Dig Gate Holdback, 4 lbs.

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6-5/8" O.D. No Dig Gate Holdback, 4 lbs.

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