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V-Groove Wheel


V-Groove Wheel - Click to enlarge!

V-groove wheels and gates are used primarily in the south where snow accumulation is not an obstacle with sliding gates. Typically an angle iron type V-Track is installed in the concrete or asphalt drive, parallel with the fence. The steel wheel with the groove below rides on top of the piece of angle iron track secured in the ground. Use galvanized HF40 or Sch40 for frames for a long lasting gate.
Single V-groove wheels are often incorporated into the frame of the gate. Slide horizontal piece of frame into clamp and vertical piece, clamp fits 1-5/8" stock both ends. Secure clamp by tack welding, bolts, or screws.
You may use more than one wheel on a gate. Wheel assemblies are heavy duty pressed and malleable steel.

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V-Groove Wheel
V-Groove Wheel
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MH-018271 6" Wheel,
      for 1-5/8" frame    
9 lbs. 5


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