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  MODEL 1835 - Telephone Entry System by DoorKing™
The DoorKing 1835 is a telephone entry and access control system that is suited for apartment and gated community applications as well as office buildings and industrial sites. "One Touch Calling" provides the easiest to use system on the market. Visitors are easily identified by voice communication (a CCTV camera option provides visual ID as well) and can be granted or denied access directly from a touch-tone telephone. With expansion to control up to 16 entry points and 31 security levels, you will know precisely who is allowed to enter a parking area, your building, offices, pools or any other restricted area. With the elevator control option, you can even restrict which floors visitors and system users have access to.
DoorKing 1835 Telephone Entry System
surface mount model shown
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  • 16VAC, transformer supplied
  • Maximum 3000 phone numbers, 10 area codes
  • 8000 event transaction memory, retains memory even during power outages
  • Maximum 8000 Weigand devices including cards, transmitters, or digital PIN codes
  • 10 facility codes, 1 to 4 digit entry codes
  • 10 & 11 digit dialing capability
  • 31 security levels, 29 programmable with 4 time zones each, 32 holiday schedules
  • Record door ajar, forced entry conditions and gate operator data
  • Built in clock/calendar
  • 8 hold open time zones
  • Programming methods include system keypad, remotely from a touch tone telephone, or PC
  • Single line 20 character super twist LCD-1/2 inch characters
  • Surface, flush or wall mount systems available
  • Spec Sheet  (PDF)
  • Installation Manual
Three models to choose from including surface mount, flush mount, and wall mount versions. Advanced Features/Options:
  • Three door/gate controls, expandable to 16 with tracker boards (2358-010)
  • Live transactions (requires RS-232 connection)
  • True anti-pass back (requires APB chip installation)
  • Elevator control option controls up to 4 elevators, each serving up to 64 floors (requires control board and additional equipment - please call with your requirements for list of components and pricing)
  • Program via dial-up modem or RS-232 interface with Remote Account Manager for Windows software included
  • Designed to accept installation of postal lock, available at your post office only
Monitor transactions "AS IT HAPPENS" on your computer - requires RS-232 cable Easily scroll through the directory with these large scroll buttons. Half inch tall characters on a LCD display for easy to read directory.
Choose between the surface mount, flush mount, or wall mount systems. Memory sold separately. Optional equipment is also listed below. When ordering your system with optional components, you will be informed of any additional equipment that may be required before the order is placed. Feel free to call Hoover Fence Co. at 1-800-355-2335 for a quote on a complete telephone entry system.

  Telephone Entry System

1835-080 DoorKing 1835 Surface Mount Telephone Entry System Sale Price in Cart! Add to Cart
1835-084 DoorKing 1835 Flush Mount Telephone Entry System Sale Price in Cart! Add to Cart
1835-089 DoorKing 1835 Wall Mount Telephone Entry System Sale Price in Cart! Add to Cart

  Memory w/Anti-Pass Back Capability

1835-142 DoorKing APB Memory - 125 Telephone Numbers and Names, 3125 Codes $ Add to Cart
1835-143 DoorKing APB Memory - 250 Telephone Numbers and Names, 6250 Codes $ Add to Cart
1835-144 DoorKing APB Memory - 500 Telephone Numbers and Names, 8000 Codes $ Add to Cart
1835-147 DoorKing APB Memory - 3000 Telephone Numbers and Names, 8000 Codes $ Add to Cart

  Other Options (Some of these items may require additional equipment, depending on your system requirements)

1815-290 AWID Weigand Proximity Card Reader w/Light (use cards below only) $ Add to Cart
1508-020 AWID Cards for 1815-290 Card Reader (Box of 50) $ Add to Cart
1815-051 Weigand Digital Keypad w/Light $ Add to Cart
DK1200-037 49" Goose Neck Stand with bottom plate for pad mount (surface mount system) $ Add to Cart
DK1200-038 71" Goose Neck Stand (in-ground mount system) $ Add to Cart
1812-145 CCTV Color Camera - High quality camera with 520 lines of resolution. Minimum illumination required (.25 Lux). Color camera automatically switches from color to b&w in low light. Includes camera, mounting bracket, wire harness, and power supply. $ Add to Cart
1818-040 RS-232 Connector $ Add to Cart
2358-010 Tracker Board $ Add to Cart