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Long Ranger LR-650-RX
Multi-code Receiver

The Long Ranger-650 system comprises of a transmitter with fixed code and a receiver that can learn up to 15 different codes. The receiver can learn the codes on a first in first out basis. The 16th code will erase the first code programmed.

Installation Notes
Mount the receiver where it is not surrounded by metal and where it is not exposed to the weather and moisture. For outdoor applications please use the LR-650-RX-4X receiver in NEMA 4X housing.

For best range, the LR-DIPOLE antenna is recommended. Plugs into connector on receiver motherboard.

Code Learning
1. Press mode switch #1 on the receiver for 3 seconds. The green LED will start flashing quickly.

2. While the green LED is flashing, press a button on the transmitter. The green LED will flash once and turn off to confirm that the code was learned. If all the transmitters have the same code there is no need for further programming.

3. Repeat step 1 and 2 if you want to program the receiver with additional codes.

Note regarding code learning
Receiver will learn code only once. After the receiver learned 15 different codes and a new code is programmed the earliest code will be erased.

To clear all codes press the mode switch #1 for 3 seconds, when the LED starts flashing press the mode switch #1 again for 3 seconds. The LED will flash twice indicating that all the codes were deleted.

Programming Receiver Relay Output Modes

Output Mode.            Jumpers 
4-second momentary (default)
1-second momentary
Open / Close
Latch to Open until reset by switch #1
LP1 uncut
LP1 uncut
LP1 cut
LP1 cut
LP2 uncut
LP2 cut
LP2 uncut
LP2 cut

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