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Securitron PB-2 exit button

Securitron PB-2 Exit Button

     The model PB-2 is a spring loaded momentary 2" square, exit button, with bi-color illumination, mounted on a stainless steel single gang outlet box cover. The SPDT contacts switch when the button is depressed and return when it is released. The contacts are UL listed with 10 AMP capacity. The red lamp is an LED mounted above the button and the green lamp is incandescent, illuminating the button itself.
     The red and green lamps can be individually operated according to the needs of the installation. The PB-2 can be used for momentary release of fail safe or fail secure electric locks. If interfaced with a release hold timer, it can provide for timed release of electric locks. It may also be used to input a REX (request to exit) signal to a card reader system. We recommend that the local building or fire safety authority be consulted prior to using exit buttons for door egress. They may require a "no special knowledge" exit device.
     The PB2 comes with a retrofit backbox and color coded hookup wires installed. The backbox includes an installation template. This exit button is not recommended for use with low voltage systems or when using solar panels. For low voltage systems a non-illuminated button is recommended.