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Oz-Post Support SystemOz-Post Support System  Oz-Post was awarded the Top 100 honor with it's introduction!
Oz-Post™ represents both a change and advance in the concept of ground supports of a magnitude not seen for many years. Oz-Posts™ replace the traditional method of installing fence, signs, decks, and any other round or square posts. Oz-Posts™ are driven into the ground in minutes instead of spending hours digging holes and filling with concrete. Oz-Posts™ are available for nearly every size post you may need to install. Tests show that the Oz-Post™ is every bit of reliable as traditional post installations.

Also, Oz-Posts™ are fully retrievable and reusable allowing structures to be moved with no capital waste. As a result the Oz-Post™ can be used as both a permanent or temporary post installation system. Both on insertion and removal there is little or no environmental impact and wood posts are protected from rot caused by soil and moisture.

An Oz-Post™ can be easily installed in less than four minutes by only one person. The dramatic time savings compared to traditional methods will provide for a cost reduction and significant improvements in labor efficiency.

  • Hot-dipped heavy gauge galvanized steel
  • Sizes available for every application
  • Easily installed by one person in minutes using jackhammer
  • Driver for installing Oz-Posts fits most common jackhammers available for rent or sale (electric or gas jackhammers with 1-1/8" hex chisel holder w/retaining collar)
  • No digging means no mess to clean up
  • Use for installing permanent fencing, temporary fencing, mail boxes, clothes lines, tree/shrub supports, playground equipment, street signs, decks and more
  • Removable and re-usable
  • Can be driven into all kinds of soil conditions including rock, stone, asphalt, concrete, clay, compacted sand, and frozen ground
  • Each Oz-Post comes with a manufacturer's 25-year warranty
  • Uses less expensive shorter posts, keeps wood posts from rotting
  • Start building immediately - no waiting for concrete to set

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OZ-POST TYPES: (click images for more information and ordering)

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Round (1-7/8", 2-3/8")
Chain Link Fencing, Street Signs, Utility Markers,
Road Signs, Fence Rental, and More

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Square (1-3/4", 2", 2-1/2", 3")
Street Signs, Road Signs, and
Ornamental Fencing
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Square (3-1/2", 3-3/4", 4", 5-1/2")
Wood Fencing, Signs, Playgrounds,
Retaining Walls, Mail Box, Decking, and More