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   Medium Lawn & Garden Greenhouse - Four Sizes to Choose From!

yard-greenhouse.jpg (26272 bytes)Weatherguard™ Medium Greenhouse
All Purpose Portable and Permanent Round Top Greenhouse. Protect Your Plants From the Harsh Winter. Expand Your Growing Season with a Greenhouse. Greenhouses protect annuals, perennials, seedlings, vegetables, and other delicate plants from the cold. All models are 6'-6" high. Choose from a 6' or 8' widths and 8' or 12' lengths for the perfect size. Installs in 2-4 hours on average with common household tools.

All Steel Construction with Steel Flex Frame Design -
Greenhouse comes complete with framework, fittings, and base plates. Exclusive galvanized all steel construction consists of 1-1/4" O.D. 16 gauge (.059") steel and 14 gauge (.078") inside steel slip fitting joints. The Weatherguard™ 20' Commercial Greenhouse has 4' on center arches and 5 horizontal purlins.

Anchoring Your Greenhouse -
Ground Anchoring: The Weatherguard™ medium greenhouses have a 4"x 4" galvanized base plate at the ends of all 4' on center arches. These plates can be attached directly to the ground or bolted to a wood or concrete foundation. Also consider our Ground Anchor System (sold separately).

Cover Material & Ventilation- Download Manual in PDF
Greenhouse kit comes complete with roof, side, and end panels. Rugged three layer laminated polyethylene cover is UV protected and comes in a 200 gram 12 x 12 crossover weave. Features three piece construction. The roof and side panel, large vented end panel, and two zipper vented door panel are separate pieces for ease of installation and removal. The Weatherguard™ greenhouse comes with cross side ventilation and upper zipper screened vents.

Greenhouses are available in four different sizes to suit your needs. Greenhouse shown with optional silver shelter cover. Greenhouse kit comes complete with roof, end panel, and door panel.
Greenhouses may be set directly on the ground or on foundations. Greenhouse shown in the 6' x 8' size Greenhouses may be converted to shelters to store lawn and garden items.

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Our medium garden greenhouse kits are available in four different sizes; all are 6'-6" high. Kits are easy to assemble and disassemble. Use our greenhouse kits seasonally or year-round to extend growing seasons, start plants, and protect plants from weather. Order an optional anchor system for a complete system.
Greenhouse Size Weight Code Price View Cart
6' Wide x 12' Long 130 Lbs. IS-62912 $ Add to Cart
8' Wide x 8' Long 101 Lbs. IS-63001 Discontinued
8' Wide x 12' Long 134 Lbs. IS-63012 Discontinued
Greenhouse Accessories
6'W x 8'L Shelter Cover Kit 15 Lbs. IS-11398HS Discontinued
6' x 12'L Shelter Cover Kit 18 Lbs. IS-11312HS Discontinued
8'W x 8'L Shelter Cover Kit 17 Lbs. IS-11498HS Discontinued
8'W x 12'L Shelter Cover Kit 20 Lbs. IS-11412HS Discontinued
Ground Anchor, 2-Piece 2 Lbs. IS-50017 $ Add to Cart
Ground Anchor, 6-Piece 6 Lbs. IS-50016 $ Add to Cart