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How do I keep a gate from opening more than 90?  I have a chain link double swinging gate between my driveway and the alley.  Currently the hinge is the standard male/female residential strap hinge. This allows for 180 degree opening which presents a potential safety hazard if the gate swings open into our alley and there is oncoming traffic.  I would like to replace these with 90 degree hinges to alleviate this potential hazard. Would your commerial hinges be a suitable replacement for this residential installation (your part number BH1-8).  If not, do you carry a residential equivalent or could you offer an alternative?  I'm very eager to get this done as quickly as possible, If you have a suitable product in stock could I arrange for overnight or some form of expedited delivery? I'll check on my post sizes this evening so we can put this order together. Thank you...
PS:  your web site is an absolutely marvelous resource for us fence novices.

Applicable Products:

Thank you for your interest in our chain link hardware. The standard male and female hinges for a chain link gate may be 'cocked' so that they will allow opening in only one direction. Swivel the male hinges in the same direction where you want the gate to swing. Install a self-tap screw through the hinge and into the frame to prevent them from twisting. Another alternative is to use malleable or pressed steel industrial butt / box hinges found here: http://www.hooverfence.com/catalog/cpage27.htm . However the same principle applies. You'll need to install them so that the portion which accepts the gate upright is at a right angle to the gate opening. You may also use 180 degree adapters with these hinges for the same effect.  these are found here: http://www.hooverfence.com/catalog/cpage27a.htm . In either case, 'cocking' the hinges will 'pull' the gate(s) towards the hinge post. This will sometimes cause the gates to no longer fit the opening they were originally made to fit. There is no way to prevent this and accomplish what you wish to accomplish. You may need to reset your gate posts. As far as I know, there is no off-the-shelf hinge that will solve your problem without some modification.

Updated 06/02/06