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Can I locate my dog house outside of the dog kennel so the dog does not use the house as a ladder to escape?

Yes, you can cut a hole in chain link fence.

How To Cut A Hole In Chain Link Fence

There could be many reasons to need to cut a permanent hole through a chain link fence. You may need to pass a pipe through the fence. Another common reason is to allow an opening in a dog kennel panel so the dog can enter his dog house, which is located outside the enclosure.

It is easy to cut any shape hole desired. Just make sure you leave as many full diamonds above and below the hole to keep the chain link stretched tight. The illustration below shows how to cut the wire and bend the ends into 'knuckles' so the sharp ends are not left exposed.

If the purpose of the hole is for a dog house, staple the chain link onto the dog house with regular fence staples. If this is not fancy enough for you, cut strips of wood or steel and screw them over the fabric ends to cover the ends of the wire. This also will protect the dog from getting caught on the chain link when he needs to exit in a hurry. By using screws, you can easily take them out, if necessary to change or clean the dog house.

Illustration - How To Make A Hole In Chain Link Fabric

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