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Mounting Jerith Residential Gates To Columns Or Walls
Applicable Products:
Ornamental aluminum residential walk gates, Jerith only. Since we use Jerith styles to represent many manufacturers, it does not apply in all cases.

The standard walk gates when used with standard Jerith gate posts fit an opening size equal to the size of the gate listed in the catalog. In other words, if the gate size on the price sheet is 36" wide, that would be the gate opening size between the inside to inside measurement of the posts. However, when mounting to walls or columns this is not true.

For column mounting, figure 1" extra for the gate opening size. A 36" gate would require 37" between columns.. The reason is that the latch catch (striker) must be mounted on the inside face of the column. A stringer is provided by Jerith to mount the catch on. The stringer is first attached to the column and the catch is attached to the stringer.

This does not apply to double swing gates made by Jerith. The latch and catch are in the center of the two gates and no striker is required. Also beware that industrial and estate gates are different.

Updated 05/31/06