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How are slopes / grade changes handled with aluminum fences?

Applicable Products:
All styles of ornamental aluminum fence.

The pickets are attached with screws; this allows each section to 'rack' or 'rake' out of square to naturally conform to the grade changes. This will allow one to install the horizontal rails parallel with grade and have plumb posts and pickets. Consult the style you are interested in for the amount of 'rake'. Most styles will rake 12" per 6' span. For steeper grade changes, you may step the fence. Rails would be installed level. You may need longer posts to do so. End posts would be used and either wall mount brackets for the other section or we can have a specially punched post made. Another option is to have the rails double punched. The rails have holes where the pickets slide through. The sections are restricted as to how much they can rack because of the size of this hole. We can have the rails on a section double punched so that you may rake the fence further. Most styles will rake up to 3' per 6' span with double punched sections. The holes will be approx. twice as wide to allow for the raking. There is a per section charge for double punched rails. Order only the quantity of panels necessary for the slope and the rest standard.

Updated 05/31/06