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Vinyl Pergola Kits and Components

A vinyl pergola can add an enjoyable living space outdoors and it will last a lifetime. No rotting or maintenance required on vinyl pergolas. Kits are available that include all the parts you will need to assemble a pergola from 8'x 12' to 16'x 20'. This is the easy way to do it, let us figure the parts and you do the assembly. Assembly is not difficult and instructions are included. Our pergola kits have 8"x 90" tapered round columns. The Beams are a full 2"x 8". Rafters are 2"x 6". Aluminum supports are used as reinforcement for added strength in both the beams and rafters. 1-1/2" Square Shade option is used on all pergola kits. The kits are free standing and you choose the size and color. All pergola kits are offered in white, almond, or clay colors. You can use our Order Form for a quick parts list/quote for custom pergolas or you can design your own and order all the pergola parts from our Individual Pergola Parts links below.

  • All components are 100% PVC.
  • All kits feature tapered round columns measuring 8"x 90", no seam lines.
  • Columns come with mounting brackets and top, middle, and bottom trim.
  • 2"x 8" beams are hollow and have aluminum reinforcement for added strength.
  • Rafters are hollow and measure 2"x 6. Aluminum reinforcement is used for added strength.
  • Available in white, almond, and clay.
    (All colors match our railing)
  • Beams and rafters both come with pergola end caps.
  • Hardware includes concrete mounts for columns, vinyl rafter brackets (also referred to as stringer brackets) for mounting rafters, color matching stainless steel screws w/driver bits, glue for pergola ends, and installation instructions.
  • Won't yellow, chip, or peel. Requires no maintenance other than an occasional wash.
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
  • Kits include:
    Free standing pergola
    2"x 8" beams with 2"x 6" rafters
    Shade cover made with 1-1/2" square pieces with pointed end caps
    Mounting hardware
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  • Pergola Parts Specifications
  • Installed Pergola Pictures
Pricing and Ordering:
Pergola with 1-1/2" shade squares - Click to enlarge!

Free Standing Pergola

Free Standing and Attached Pergolas - Click to enlarge!
Free Standing and
Attached Pergolas

Pergola top with 1-1/2" shade squares - Click to enlarge!
1-1/2" Shade Option

Pergola top with lattice shade - Click to enlarge!
Lattice Shade Option
Shade Option Caps - Click to enlarge!
Shade Option Caps