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We accept all major credit cards
We accept all major credit cards

Vinyl Coated (PVC) Chain Link Fabric
9 Gauge 1-1/4" Mesh Vinyl Coated
With Steel Core of about 11 ga.

Fine mesh vinyl colored fabric makes a great pool fence for the budget minded.1-1/4'' chain link fence mesh is specified frequently for pool safety reasons and to help prevent climbing of the fence. 1-1/4'' chain link fabric may be stretched on a galvanized (silver in color) frame or an all vinyl coated fence framework system (posts and top rail). Fittings are also available in matching vinyl colors. Chain link selvage is knuckle x knuckle,  or knuckled (bent over) for the top and bottom of fence.

A light commercial framework (HF20 or comparable) or heavy commercial (HF40 or comparable) is recommended as this chain link with a tighter weave is simply heavier in weight. Matching prefabricated gates are available in an assortment of sizes. We also carry an assortment of self-closing hinges and self-latching latches. View our full chain link parts catalog for other accessories.

Note about gauges: The smaller the number, the heavier the fabric; henceforth 9ga. is heavier than 11ga..  We recommend 11ga. for residential jobs and 9ga. for commercial jobs. Heavier gauges are not only stronger, but have a better finish; The heavier the gauge the longer it may be 'hot-dip galvanized' to prevent rust and corrosion. Vinyl coated chain link is sold by the finish gauge.  9 ga. chain link vinyl coated actually has a thinner inner steel wire. It is considered 9 gauge once it has been coated, although the inner steel wire is nearest 11 gauge.

What is the difference between 'Extruded' and 'Extruded and Bonded'? In layman's terms, Extruded Vinyl, when cut with a knife, can be peeled off like a banana. However, it does not peel easily. Extruded and Bonded Vinyl is also adhered to the wire and would have to be cut off completely, much like peeling a potato. Extruded and Bonded costs more than Extruded. We do not carry Extruded and Bonded fabric in this size.

Note: This fabric is considered 'special order' and will most likely require longer shipping times.

Vinyl Extruded 1-1/4" Mesh 9 Gauge Chain Link Fence Fabric - 50' Rolls
Brown Fabric
Brown Chain Link Fabric
Code Height Type Weight Price View Cart
114-48-DB 48" KxK 143 lbs $ Add To Cart
Black Fabric
Black Chain Link Fabric
Code Height Type Weight Price View Cart
114-48-BLK 48" KxK 143 lbs $ Add To Cart
Green Fabric
Green Chain Link Fabric
Code Height Type Weight Price View Cart
114-48-DG 48" KxK 143 lbs $ Add To Cart

*Type: KxK = Knuckle end top and bottom, KxB = Knuckle end bottom / Barb end top

Note: These photos are for demonstration purpose only, actual size and design may vary slightly.

A set-up fee may apply to small orders – fee will be quoted prior to processing any orders

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