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Magna-Latch - Magnetic Gate Latch   Series 2
Three Models - Top Pull, Vertical Pull, Side Pull
Protects toddlers from accidentally entering the pool area...

Magna-Latch Vertical Pull - Series 2
Magnetic Safety Gate Latch
Shorter version of the popular Top Pull model, shares all the same features. Ideal for safety gates around swimming pools and child safety areas. Also ideal as a pet gate latch for the backyard.

Vertical Pull and Top Pull  Adjustment Limits
"Our business is helping to save toddler's lives"

Vertical Pull Magna-Latch
Magna-Latch Series 2 Vertical Pull

Pool Safe Magna-Latch

Lifetime Warranty!

Magna-Latch "Series 2" latches carry all the unique qualities of the original Magna-Latch. It provides supreme reliability and installation convenience. Not only does it look stylish and modern, it's strong, fits to a wider range of gates and is significantly more adjustable than previous designs. The series 2 latches offer unprecedented horizontal and vertical adjustment. The latch can now be adjusted at any time during or after installation to help overcome gate sag or natural ground movement. The striker body is secured using five screws giving the latches extra impact resistance and durability on larger gates and also against heavy pedestrian traffic. The world's safest gate latch has become even safer! Included on this site are Installation Guidelines and Specifications to help assist you in making a decision on which Magna-latch is best to fit your needs.
   Magna-Latch, Magnetic Safety Gate Latch Permanent Magnet Triggering Means No Resistance To Closure Excellent Pet Security Gate Latch

Ideal for gate/fence heights of 60" (1500mm) or above. Consult authorities for height measurement/requirements on swimming pool gates. Most swimming pool codes require a latch on a gate protecting a swimming pool area be a minimum of 45" above the ground in order to put it out of the reach of small children.  Standard gate posts on fences less than 5' high may need to be extended higher to allow the latch to be mounted higher.

Code # Description Quantity Price View Cart
MLVPS2BGA Magna-Latch Vertical Pull Series 2, Magnetic Child-Proof Latch, Black Single Discontinued See Series-3 Vertical Pull
MLVPS2WTBGA Magna-Latch Vertical Pull Series 2, Magnetic Child-Proof Latch, White Single $ Add to Cart
Case of 10 $ Add to Cart
MLS2RPAKA Round post adapter kit for Magna-Latch Series 2, Black Single $ Add to Cart
Case of 10 $ Add to Cart
MLSPACER 2" Gap Spacer for Magna-Latch, Black Single $ Add to Cart
Case of 10 $ Add to Cart
MLDUPKEY Magna-Latch Replacement Keys Set of 2 $ Add to Cart
Case of 25 $ Add to Cart