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Chain Link Fence Vinyl Fabric
9 Gauge - Residential
With Steel Core of about 11 ga.


Click to enlargeThere are a multitude of options available when choosing a chain link fence; color is one. Although galvanized silver chain link fences are very popular, colored chain link fences have grown in popularity over the years. Many have chosen color chain link fence systems to accentuate siding, roofing, and trim colors on houses and businesses. Some choose a colored chain link fence system to blend into natural surroundings. Another popular choice for fence is to choose an all aluminum ornamental fence or vinyl fence in the front of a property and a chain link fence in the back. This provides superb cub appeal and function at an affordable price. Check out our chain link fence pictures  and vinyl coated chain link fence catalog for samples. Vinyl coated chain link fences are typically very smooth and soft to the touch compared with galvanized wire. Consider this advantage when fencing a backyard where children may have the tendency to handle the fence.

Extruded vinyl coated chain link fence is by far the most popular kind of chain link fence available in colors. It is typically the least expensive too. Black chain link fence is the most popular with dark green and dark brown also being available. White chain link is an option, however is generally special order and may take longer to receive. Extruded and bonded chain link, or what we sometimes refer to as 'heavy' vinyl chain link fence is also an option. In layman's terms, extruded vinyl when cut with a knife will peel like a banana. However it does not peel easy and it is quite durable. Extruded and bonded chain link is adhered to the steel wire on the other hand and would have to be cut off much like peeling a potato. Extruded and bonded 'heavy' vinyl chain link fence is the more expensive option of the two. Read about 8 gauge extruded and bonded chain link fence here. For commercial and industrial chain link fences in colors, consider using a 9 gauge steel core wire (6 gauge finish) available from Hoover Fence on a per quote basis. Contact us here.

Chain link fence wire in black, green, and brown may be stretched on a galvanized frame which is silver in color, or a matching black, green, or brown framework system. Once you consider using a color chain link fence system, you will need to also consider whether you wish to have the framework in a matching color. Perhaps as much as 60% of our customer choose a silver galvanized frame. There is an insignificant price difference between 11 gauge galvanized chain link and 9 gauge extruded vinyl coated chain link fence fabric. Note: gauge of wire is 'finish size' inclusive of vinyl coating in this instance. These two materials are similar in grade and thickness. The price difference is insignificant to where you could say they are practically the same price. Once you choose a colored framework system though over galvanized, you will see a price difference of perhaps as much as 15-25%. Please note when framework is coated in a matching color, all chain link fence fittings including bands, caps, tension bars, gates, hinges and latches are also usually color coated to match.

Use our interactive chain link fence material calculator which figures most all options for a fence including: height and footage, gauge and size, and color options!

Chain link fence fabric is typically sold in 50' rolls with nine rolls per pallet (450'). We offer a discount on full pallet purchases of 9 gauge extruded vinyl coated chain link fence fabric (wire only). We recommend ordering a few extra feet than needed. When more than 50' of fence is needed for a stretch, rolls can be woven together easily. Chain link is easily cut to size by removing one link.

We may sell partial rolls or chain link fence fabric by the foot (some heights only - based on availability) in the event you need a small piece to patch with, or need gate fabric. There will be a $10 service fee per cut and the same price per foot will apply. Please call to inquire about special requests.

Note about gauges: The smaller the number, the heavier the fabric; henceforth 9ga. is heavier than 11ga.. We recommend 11ga. for residential jobs and 9ga. for commercial jobs. Heavier gauges are not only stronger, but have a better finish; the heavier the gauge the longer it may be 'hot-dip galvanized' to prevent rust and corrosion. Vinyl coated chain link is sold by the finish gauge. 9 ga. chain link vinyl coated actually has a thinner inner steel wire. It is considered 9 gauge once it has been coated, although the inner steel wire is nearest 11 ga.

Add privacy to any chain link fence with slats or screening: PRIVACY OPTIONS WITH CHAIN LINK

KxK = Knuckle x Knuckle, chain link top and bottoms are bent over.
KxB or KxT = Knuckle x Barb or Knuckle x Twist, chain link is twisted at one end to form two barbs.

Stock Colors: Dark Brown, Dark Green, Black and White (White not available in 1-3/4" mesh size)

Sold individually, pricing displayed is per 50' roll. Buy in Bulk and Save! Discounts will automatically apply when carting Skid Quantities or more.

Chain Link Fence Vinyl Coated Fabric - 9 Gauge Residential
Vinyl Fabric
9 gauge

*Colors depicted not exact
(Mesh x Gauge x Height)
Type Weight
Per 50'
Skid Qty* Price Ea.
(Per 50' Roll)
View Cart
2 x 9 x 36 KxK 53 lbs 9 Rolls $
2 x 9 x 42 KxK 63 lbs 9 Rolls $
2 x 9 x 48 KxK 70 lbs 9 Rolls $
2 x 9 x 60 KxK 88 lbs 9 Rolls $
2 x 9 x 72 KxK 105 lbs 9 Rolls $
2 x 9 x 72 KxB 105 lbs 9 Rolls $
2 x 9 x 84 KxB 123 lbs 9 Rolls $
2 x 9 x 96 KxB 140 lbs 9 Rolls $
2 x 9 x 120 KxB 173 lbs 9 Rolls $
2 x 9 x 144 KxB 208 lbs 9 Rolls $
(Mesh x Gauge x Height)
Type Weight
Per 30'
Skid Qty* Price Ea.
(Per 30' Roll)
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1-3/4 x 9 x 120 KxB 104 lbs 9 Rolls $
1-3/4 x 9 x 144 KxB 125 lbs 9 Rolls $

Size Column:
mesh size in inches x gauge of wire x height of fence in inches.

*Buy in Bulk and Save! Discounts automatically applied on Skid Quantities or more!

Note: These photos are for demonstration purpose only, actual size and design may vary slightly. Weights shown are approximate.

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