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How To Install Manual
Chain Link Cantilever Gate
By Chad Hoover, CFP

[ 1 ] Overview [ 2 ] Plan [ 3 ] Layout [ 4 ] Set Posts [ 5 ] Install Fittings [ 6 ] Hang Gate [ 7 ] Install Latch [ 8 ] Install Operator


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Step 7:  Install Operator

The process for installing a slide gate operator varies depending on which make and model you will install; carefully read instructions with your gate operator thoroughly before proceeding. Following are some general guidelines that apply to most makes of gate operators, however your installation manual will be your definitive resource during installation.

Most slide gate operators will allow for a post mount or pad mount design. Post mounted gate operators usually mount to round or square steel posts which are embedded in concrete footers below frost. The gate operator is 'sandwiched' by these posts and attached with bolts. Most gate operators also allow for a pad mount installation which means the gate operator will rest on a concrete pad. In either case, the first step is usually to set the gate operator posts or pour the pad. Usually the operator will be placed centered between the two roller posts. A chain is attached to the leading edge, or latch side of the gate and extends clear to the opposite end. Brackets will attach to the uprights of the gate and the chain will insert with lock pins.


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