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Can the ornamental wire fence systems be used for pool enclosures?

Yes, the 6 gauge vertical styles meet the pool-safe specifications. These styles have verticals set at 1-3/4" to prevent a child from climbing the fence to enter the enclosure. Available in 4', 5' and 6' heights. "Pool-Safe" means the fence meets federal or local pool codes. These codes are designed to keep toddlers out of the swimming area. The specifications for the BOCA pool code is a federal standard. Local pool codes may vary. It's always best to check with your local code before purchasing fence to use as a pool enclosure. You can learn more about pool-safe fence here. Self-closing hinges are a must and are standard on our wire fence gate kits intended for pool enclosures. Child safety latches may be required on the 4' height. The 5' and 6' heights could meet code as long as the standard latch is mounted high enough to keep it out of children's reach. See our child safety MagnaLatch or Easy Lock Magnetic Latch.