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Hi Frank,
     Nice enhancement of the Hoover Fence homepage!!  You've obviously
     been busy these evenings reorganizing all the fence information
     into a very helpful site.  Since I see you have a "Referrals"
     section, let me add to what I'm sure I've said and written to you
     before and say that we were (and remain) completely pleased by your
     company's courtesy and professionalism, and for your willingness to
     go the extra mile to make the job come out right.  And with 6300'
     feet of fence installed the phrase "extra mile" is certainly
     applicable.  You reaffirmed our belief that the quality of a job is
     what you remember long after any trials or tribulations that had to
     be handled during an installation.  Now that I think about it, you
     handled all the tribulations so that we didn't have to.  Thanks.

     Since we had the chance to meet most of your family let me
     introduce you to the newest members of ours.  Attached please find
     some jpeg files with photos of our Lipizzan colt, Chesapeake
     (Chessie for short).  He and his mom, Avatara, are enjoying their
     time in the Maryland suburbs, and are looking forward to making
     good use of all that fence you installed. 

     Best regards,

     George Smith

Lipizzan colt, Chesapeake
     (Chessie for short)

mom, Avatara

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