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NOTE:   All referrals and testimonials are unsolicited and unpaid.  Full names and contact information for our customers has been withheld out of respect for their privacy.  Please contact one of our representatives with any questions you may have.

( Call 1-800-355-2335 or email )

Thanks for your prompt response. I just received your reply and advice (on removing a chain link fence). Your company truly exhibits good customer service; a lost art now-a-days!

Thanks again.
E-mail (no name)

We were very pleased with our winged security slats. Your shipping was very fast and my wife and I have them installed already. It is a nice improvement to our yard. It was our pleasure to do business with you and thanks again for the timely manner in which you handled our order.

Jim & Deb M.

Hoover Fence Co.,
I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for providing remote clicker programming information on the internet!  I lost my programming instructions and was afraid that I would have to buy a new remote, but thankfully I found the programming instructions for my discontinued remote (C-321) on your site!
Thanks again, you certainly live up to your mission statement!



Dear Chad,
I just wanted to thank you for your recent assistance via email. Its not often that a large company would take the time to answer a stranger's email asking for help. I prepared for my chainlink fence project with a limited budget (materials only) and your website for the installation homework part. When I got stuck on an issue and decided to send an email on the chance that someone might answer. It was like a professional adviser was part of the team.  Thank you for your great help and please feel free to use this email in your marketing.
With a debt of graditude,
Johnnie P.
Hoover Fence Co.,
I want to thank you for the great support and help getting my fence materials. I was nervous about ordering $3000 + dollars of materials over the internet. Your material costs were not the cheapest I could find but the fact your company had a history (BBB, clearly documented business address etc..), we were much more confident with the service that we would receive. Billie Martha was great. She helped us understand the initial order and provided invaluable help after the material arrived with some minor damage. We did not have to do a thing, Billie handled everything for us to get us replacement material fast.

Again thank you for your dedication to quality service,
Laura and Dave W.
Bedford, NH

I just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied customers of Hoover Fence and love our new gate and fence.  I have attached a photo of our completed project.  I designed and constructed the columns and my wife and I were able to install the gate and fence in just a few weekends.  Anyone who stops by our place begins the conversation with, "WOW!" when they see the gate and fence.

Thanks again for a great and beautiful product.
Alan & Nade B.
Seattle, Washington

P.S.   I have also attached a photo of 2 of our visitors enjoying the new fence.  ;-)

Just a quick note to let you know that my materials arrived last Thursday (1/15/04). The shipment was all intact, except for a couple of rails. No biggey, it appears that I'm am going to have rails left over...either my miscalculation or your generosity. I didn't really count the product. My son's and I put up about 250' of the 310', and it is drop dead gorgeous!! My new office is on a State Highway (Hwy 301), and 30,000 cars a day pass in front of my door. The rubber-neckers were unbelievable as we put up the fence. In fact, three folks wanted my business card so that I could install a split-rail for them. They didn't realize that I was not an installer, but that this was my place of business. They didn't seem to care...they wanted for me to put up a fence for them anyway!! I respectfully referred them to your website and suggested that they take it from there (with the highest recommendation, of course). Anyway, when I finish getting the fence and gates up, as well as, the new awnings, I will take some pictures for your website and give you a testimonial.

Fred S.
Brandon, Florida

     I want to let you know what can't be news to you. Billie Martha is a wonderful example of professionalism. After searching many "brick and mortar" stores I came up empty. This took me to the web, there are many fence company's on the web but yours in my opinion is the best. Easy to understand and most of all you have an employee that knows your product! Billie helped me with what I am sure was a simple problem but for me it had become a pain. Billie made my purchase easy and helped me understand what I needed. Just wanted to let you know that you company is being represented well.

Grateful customer,
Doug D
Escondido, Calif

Thanks! Guys-Gals!   Fast! Painless! Fence parts to my door!

Thanks Again!
David R.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi there,
I just wanted to send a "Thank You" to you guys... I ordered a chain link fence and received it fast and with everything I asked for, and the fence is now up and it looks great. The directions you sent along were a BIG help too. I'll be back when summer comes around to order more fence!

Once again, Thanks so much for a great transaction.
Daryl R.
Berlin, NH

Thank you and the Hooverfence staff for great customer service. Our fence arrived yesterday ahead of schedule. The swimming pool company could not believe the quick shipment. Please thank the entire Hooverfence staff for the easiness of placing an order and the fast delivery service. We will be in touch later with a picture of the fence around our pool. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for fence. Your service is better than our local service.

Thanks again,
Dana P.
Willow Park, TX

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