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Submitted by Curt L., North Attleboro, MA.
Wow, nice pictures Curt!

Style:   Manchester Scalloped
Height: 4'
Size:    26 - 4' Manchester Scalloped Sections
            27 - Posts
            27 - New England Caps
              1 - Double Gate Kit

Job Difficulty Rating:
(only because of size of job and raking)
( Easy, Difficult)

Manchester Scalloped

....this story started here, now you know the rest of the story.

Customer's Comments:

Hi Folks, I am very near completion of my fence project and realized I am one post cap shy...I was wondering if you are still offering the $20 for photos of projects?  I did notice that you posted the early stages of my project on the website, but the photos really don't do the product or the project justice. I have installed all 55 posts, with just a double gate install remaining (2 singles, one double already completed). If you are still offering the $20, rather than the $20, here is my proposition...I will send you photos of the project, much better than my originals, in exchange for one New England 5x5 cap..interested? Either way, I will send you the photos...I am thrilled with the product, your ongoing service and support (we had quite a few email discussions during the project) and the website helped me immensely.  I am raking approximately 40-50 degrees in the last section which has required me to route ALL holes, both post and top/bottom rails, my Rotozip has proved invaluable during this phase.   Also, without the Nu Boston Digger, this project would have taken much longer... Again, thank you for great products, great service and great pricing too!!

Hoover Fence Co. Reply:

Curt, Who do I look like? Don Pardo of "Let's Make A Deal"? Seriously, I think we can do that. Send us some pictures, either the hard copies or digital versions, and we'll get a 5"x 5" New England Cap, white, sent out. We're specifically interested in pictures of the gates, both the single and double. It sounds like it was a big project. If your finished pictures are as well done as the few you sent previously, I think we'll both be proud to show them off!
Erik Hoover
Vice President

More Customer's Comments:

Greetings Mr. Pardo...I mean Mr. Hoover, As promised here are a few (quite a few) shots of the completed project...I had to wait for the three weeks of rain to subside. If there are angles, views, etc. that you want, let me know.  With a digital camera, this is fairly effortless... FYI:  the enclosure off of the porch is designed as the "doggie business" area...works great. Thanx again for accepting my offer and you are correct, I am "mighty proud" of my weekend warrior effort and would be very pleased to have photos posted!
Curt L.
North Attleboro, MA.

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Editor's Comments:

Wow, I'm impressed. Quite a lot of work but obviously nothing you couldn't handle. Thanks again for all the great photos, you'll be seeing a check in the mail.  Hoover Fence Co.