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Submitted by Karla M., Hurricane, WV.
Nice job Karla, definite improvement on porch!

Style:   Olympia Railing / Princeton Fence
Height: 3' Olympia Railing, 5' Princeton Fence
Size:    2 - 3' Olympia Flat Railing Sections
            1 - 3' Olympia Stair Railing Section
            2 - Railing End Posts
            1 - Railing Stair Post
            3 - Railing Post Support Kits, Concrete
            3 - Flat Caps
            4 - Railing Wall Mount Brackets
           33 - Sections 5' Princeton
             4 - Corner Posts
           30 - Line Posts
             4 - End Posts
             2 - Preassembled 50" Gates

Job Difficulty Rating: (Railing)
(Little trouble anchoring posts)
( Easy, Difficult)

Olympia Railing with Square Pickets and Flat Caps

Customer's Comments:

We have finished our railing project & have started our fence project. Just thought you might like to have some before and after pictures of the railing project. We resolved the issue we were having in attaching the railing to our brick steps. We found that you cannot use concrete anchors when attaching to brick. We drilled 1/2" holes approx. 2-1/2" deep and inserted 5/16" lead anchors which were 2 inches in length.  We then attached the support posts using 2 inch lag screws. This allows us to tighten the post into place without breaking the brick. We've had a lot of compliments on the railing. As you can see, it is a definite improvement over the rusty iron railing we had in place previously.  We'll send some pictures of our fencing project after completion.

Karla M.

Hurricane, WV.

Hoover Fence Co. Reply:

Thanks for the pictures Karla. Your railing looks great. We appreciate your tips on installing post support kits to brick steps. This should help others with the same problem. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your fence project and your comments about your experience with Hoover Fence Company. Good luck, call if you need any help on your installation.  Hoover Fence Co.

Olympia Railing

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