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Submitted by Milind S., Wayne, NJ.
Nice job Milind, thanks for the photos!

Style:  Cape Cod Concave
Height: 4'
Size:    22 - 4' Cape Cod Concave Sections
            27 - Posts
            27 - Gothic Caps
              1 - Preassembled 50" Gate

Job Difficulty Rating:
(digging holes in rock is hard work)
( Easy, Difficult)

Cape Cod Concave with New England Post Caps

Customer's Comments:

Dr. Mr. Hoover,

I have enclosed the pictures of my recently completed fence in Wayne, NJ. It truly was a labor of love...and frustration, and muscle soreness, and, of course, rocks! New Jersey is full of them. When I started this project, I was very intimidated at the prospect of trying to install a fence by myself (unfortunately, it was by myself since my wife couldn't help me - she was tending to my baby girl and neither could any other guy friends I had). I had never done this kind of work, but everything I read on your website convinced me that digging the holes is the hardest part of the project. I received the order in May. You're probably thinking why has it taken me so long. The weekends we had this summer were awful. Most of them were cold and rainy. So I resorted to digging a hole each night when it wasn't raining when I came home from work during the week. It usually took me 2 hours per hole. I did this for a period of 5 weeks. I dug 27 holes. Anyway, here they are. I want to thank Billie for all of her help during this project. She was very thorough and detailed.

Milind S.
Wayne, NJ.

Hoover Fence Co. Reply:

Thanks for the pictures Milind. Glad you found this to be a labor of love!?!. Your fence looks great. I think after the first hole I would have been renting an auger for the rest. Good exercise, but hard on the body digging through rocks! Thanks for the compliment toward Billie. We try hard to help our customers with their fence projects and it's rewarding to know our advice is appreciated. Hoover Fence Co.

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