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Submitted by George R., Tom's River, NJ.
Good job George, thanks for the photos!

Style:  Victorian
Height: 4'
Size:  11 - 4' Victorian 8' Sections
          14 - Posts
          14 - Exterior Flat Caps
           1 - Preassembled 50" Gate
           1 - Opposite Preassemble 50" Gate
           1 - Gate Kit
           1 - Drop Pin Kit
           2 - Aluminum Gate Post Stiffeners

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Customer's Comments:

This is my second order with Hoover Fence Co. and again the staff was fantastic! The fence was beautiful and of great quality compared to what the big hardware stores sell. I need one more section of fence that I will be getting in the spring of 2004.

Thanks again,
George R.

Tom's River, NJ.

Hoover Fence Co. Reply:

Thanks for the pictures and comments. Glad you enjoyed your shopping experience with Hoover Fence Co. Your fence looks great. Now that you're done with the fence project maybe you'll have time to get your boat out! Look forward to doing business with you again next year.
Hoover Fence Co.

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